capital of Romania

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national capital and largest city of Romania in southeastern Romania

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Cluj-Napoca is the unofficial capital of Romania's Transylvania region, which has long been linked with the legend of Count Dracula, and is around the same size as Coventry.
ISLAMABAD -- Kashmir Council EU (KC-EU) has organised a camp in connection with its widespread awareness movement on Kashmir dispute titled 'One Million Signature Campaign' in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.
The new route to Bucharest provides an opportunity for our business and leisure travellers to explore the capital of Romania on our low fares from only GBP 28.49*.
Ploiesti is located 56 km north of the capital of Romania - Bucharest, it is the administrative center of Prahovaregion, industrial center of the country and an important oil producing region.
flydubai boosts its networkFLYDUBAI has inaugurated services to its latest destination in Central and Eastern Europe -- Bucharest, the capital of Romania. In parallel to flydubai's expanding presence, air traffic between the UAE and Russia has increased by 85 per cent between the UAE and Ukraine, traffic has risen by 112 per cent.
In 1840, an attempt was made to regulate the sorting and evaluation of archival documents, but it was only in 1862, with the Union of the Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia and the birth of modern Romania, that the Archives were placed under aGeneral Directorate at Bucharest, the capital of Romania. At that time, a distinction was made between documents with historical value and practical value, and the institution was subordinate to the Department (Ministry) of Justice, Religious Affairs and Public Education.
WELSH rhythmic gymnast Frankie Jones took gold at the 11th Irina Deleanu Orange Trophy in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, last Saturday.
Over-exploitation of renewable natural resources is today one of the factors that negatively influence capacity to support and bio-productive capacity of natural capital of Romania.