capital of Portugal

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capital and largest city and economic and cultural center of Portugal

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IT is the capital of Portugal, a city of bleached white limestone buildings and intimate alleyways, not to mention one of the world's best-known monuments.
The final call is into Lisbon, cosmopolitan and colourful capital of Portugal, before Boudicca returns to Portsmouth.
During the turmoil of the late eighteenth-century to early nineteenth-century Atlantic Revolutions, Rio, not Lisbon, was the capital of Portugal's global empire.
Leaders of the 28-member organisation, who are holding talks in the capital of Portugal on Friday and Saturday, were set to endorse plans to launch the new missile shield on Friday.
Lisbon, capital of Portugal, on November 19-20 and the NATO-Russia Council
For a chance to win, tell us: What is the capital of Portugal? A.
Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a very attractive city., 0843 208 0368 Lisbon from PS249pp: A three-night room-only stay at the five-star Corinthia Hotel in the capital of Portugal. Flights from Stansted on July 4.
The demonstrators marched from Entrecampos in downtown Lisbon, capital of Portugal along the Republic Avenue towards Alameda, their destination.
The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is also the westernmost city in continental Europe.
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Courtesy of my best man's wee business venture - The Cotswold Port Company - they've won a gift box for knowing that Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.
She said Lisbon was the capital of Germany, Brussels was the capital of Portugal and Iraq was the capital of Iran.
As word spread of the latest incident to divert focus away from footballing matters, the sunny disposition in which Graeme Souness had arrived in the balmy capital of Portugal on Tuesday soon vanished.