capital of Portugal

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capital and largest city and economic and cultural center of Portugal

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Was he about to ask her a question in arithmetic, or the capital of Portugal, or the date of the battle of Sedgemoor?
The capital of Portugal has a buzzing nightlife as well and an enticing blend of culture and history.
Courtesy of my best man's wee business venture - The Cotswold Port Company - they've won a gift box for knowing that Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.
She said Lisbon was the capital of Germany, Brussels was the capital of Portugal and Iraq was the capital of Iran.
As word spread of the latest incident to divert focus away from footballing matters, the sunny disposition in which Graeme Souness had arrived in the balmy capital of Portugal on Tuesday soon vanished.
We were dining in Alfama, a downtown district of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, which is credited with being the birthplace of this melodic and totally magnetic style of music.
The town: The capital of Portugal, Lisbon (Lisboa) is situated centrally on the west coast of Portugal and has a population of 564,700.
It was once the capital of Portugal and the university here was founded in 1290.