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the capital and largest city of Poland

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The measurement model used in the Report on Intellectual Capital of Poland (The Board of Strategic Advisers to Prime Minister of Poland 2008) includes 117 indicators.
On 5 December, the airline will begin a four times-a-week service to Warsaw, the capital of Poland.
The Polish translation of the song's title is "Female Citizen of Warsaw," which on the surface seems discordant when applied to the francophile Blanche, but as a fugitive forced to live under her Polish brother-in-law's roof, Blanche, metaphorically at least, becomes a resident/inhabitant of the capital of Poland commemorated in the name of the tune.
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Built in 1900, the Warsaw University of Technology has hosted many important events in Polish history in the second half of the 20th Century, such as the common session of Warsaw Universities in 1996 in honor of the 400th anniversary of Warsaw as the capital of Poland.
Richard Dooner, operations manager at Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, said: "This new route to the capital of Poland will provide Birmingham and wider Midland business communities with an array of trade and investment opportunities.
Low-cost airline Wizz Air announced today it will start the new flights to the capital of Poland from July 2007.
If you don't know that Cardiff is the capital of Wales or that Walsall is in the West Midlands and not the capital of Poland then you're apparently in good company.
Poznan: The first capital of Poland dates back to the 9th Century and its medieval cobbled streets contain hundreds of historic buildings.
Regarded as the cultural capital of Poland and recognised as a Unesco World Heritage site, Krakow boasts one of Europe's most impressive Christmas markets.
This square has been the centre of Krakow life since the Middle Ages when the city was capital of Poland.
WHERE TO EAT: East European food isn't all cabbage soup and tinned vegetables, and Krakow is the gastronomic capital of Poland whose cosy restaurants serve the freshest ingredients in delicious combinations.
It was the capital of Poland until 1609, remained the place where kings were crowned, and with the second oldest university in central Europe, is a major cultural centre.
Metro") (Nasdaq:MTROA)(Nasdaq:MTROB) today announced the launch of a new edition of the 'Metro' free newspaper in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, under the title 'Metropol.