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capital and largest city and economic center of Peru


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Muscat, Sept 23 (ONA) Khalil bin Abdulla al-Khunji, Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) said that OCCI and a businessmen and women delegation will participate in the third Forum of Arab businessmen and their counterparts in South America, which is due to be held in Lima, capital of Peru during the period October 1st-2nd.
Lima is the capital of Peru and has a UNESCO listed historical centre.
The five times a week service between Paris and the capital of Peru is operated by a Boeing 777-200ER which can accommodate up to 309 passengers in a three class configuration.
In this regard, Akharbach reiterated Morocco's strong commitment to actively contributing to the success of the 3rd South American-Arab Countries Summit, to be held in February 2011 in Lima, the capital of Peru.
Another possibility that was floated was LIMA, about which a party who shall remain nameless said, "like the capital of Peru.
Part of the Camisea NGL plant residue gas will be transported via a 28-inch diameter, 680-km pipeline to Lima, the capital of Peru, for domestic power generation and eventually for commercial and home use.
To get to Villa Rica - this dusty little farming town that bills itself as "the coffee capital of Peru," - you have to take a one-hour flight east of Lima, land at the heavily-guarded San Ramon military field, drive to the town of La Merced, and suffer a grueling two-hour trip by four-wheel-drive over what deserves to rank as one of ten worst roads in the Western Hemisphere.
Until recently, Tacna was typical of the hundreds of shanty communities that dominate the capital of Peru.
Chimbote was once a sleepy fishing village of 18,000 people, the honeymoon capital of Peru, said Dr.
After a tour of Lima, capital of Peru, the tour also takes travelers southeast to Iguacu, Brazil and the spectacular Iguazu Falls.
Paul Stephens travelled 5,960 miles to Lima, the capital of Peru, to deliver specialist crime scene training to officers from the Peruvian National Police force.
In Lima, the capital of Peru, workers in protective clothing fumigated a cemetery near the home of the country's first victim.
The capital of Peru also lies on the coast and sees even less rain than Doha.
2 (Petra) - Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh on Monday took part in a meeting of foreign ministers of South American and Arab Countries (ASPA), currently taking place in the capital of Peru, Lima.
And when I try to open a new account, I don't get asked the usual security questions - name, date of birth, mother's maiden name, capital of Peru, price of cheese, etc.