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the capital and largest city of Norway

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Even though Norway separated from Denmark in 1814, Copenhagen continued to function as a kind of a cultural capital of Norway for the rest of that century and even into the twentieth century.
Last November the Spanish government turned down an ETA offer for talks in Oslo, capital of Norway, until the armed group dissolves itself and lays down its arms.
He observed the AIOU is willing to set up its coordination office at Oslo, the capital of Norway for establishing permanent linkages with the Norwegian Universities for the academic benefit of their students.
Stavanger is the oil and gas capital of Norway and of course, Aberdeen the main city on the North Sea in that area.
Fortunately, the parents of the group of children who had accompanied us to the capital of Norway had a network of family and friends who knew someone who knew somebody else at the game.
Now, the bad news: on Friday, July 22, there was a terrorist attack in Oslo, the capital of Norway.
In the UK the industry is more spread around, while in Stavanger we are proud to say that we are the undisputed oil capital of Norway, the region employs about every other person engaged in that industry in Norway.
In 1991, al-Qassim began working from the city of Stavanger, the Petroleum capital of Norway, as a consultant for several countries in Africa and Asia, including some Arab countries (such as Lebanon), as part of the delegations of specialists sent by the Norwegian government to assist these countries in exploring and managing their petroleum resources.
The move means Obama will be at the summit on December 18, considered a crucial period when at least 100 heads of state will be in attendance, as opposed to his scheduled stop in Denmark on Wednesday on his way to Nobel Peace Prize events in Oslo, the capital of Norway.
He said: "Stavanger is the oil capital of Norway and despite reports of gloom in the sector, the Norwegians are ploughing on with significant exploration investment.
It is a wealthy townand the oil capital of Norway and the people are friendly.
Still abroad where only "abroad" things tend to happen, a balloon brought trains to a halt in Oslo, the capital of Norway, apparently.
Bergen was made capital of Norway in 1240 and was its biggest city for 600 years.
This year's BIR Spring Recycling Convention & Exhibition will take place in Oslo, the capital of Norway and one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Northern Europe.
Further ports of call follow at Flam and Gudvangen with the final visit being Bergen, one-time capital of Norway.