capital of New Zealand

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the capital of New Zealand


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Being in the adventure capital of New Zealand, the Conference Committee has arranged some pre-conference fitness activities for delegates to take part in before each conference day starts, enabling them to get out and enjoy Queenstown's beautiful scenery.
Wellington, capital of New Zealand, was hit by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake on Sunday that damaged buildings, cut power, trapped people in elevators, broke water mains and smashed windows.
After a quick flight to Queenstown, the adrenalinejunkie capital of New Zealand, I checked into the comfy Central Ridge Boutique Hotel to review my options.
And no Auckland is not the Capital of New Zealand, ( it's unbelievable how many people I've run into who believe that it is) that honour belongs to Wellington.
What is the capital of New Zealand? 1 Wellington 2 Sydney 3 Christchurch Send your answer by email to to arrive no later than 9am on Monday June 11 2012.
MAX Kenworthy left for the capital of New Zealand in 2002 when he became assistant music director at St Paul's Cathedral in Wellington.
From Fiji, I boarded a larger plane and flew to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Wellington is located on which island?
Despite this, they avoid it, setting unattainable conditions to establish any governmental coalition.General John Abizaid, the commander of the US forces in the Middle East, said [last week] from the capital of New Zealand, that he does not think that Iraq is heading toward a civil war.
Even though Auckland is the largest city, Wellington remains the capital of New Zealand.