capital of Morocco

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the capital of Morocco

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Rabat - the capital of Morocco since independence lies on the coast just to the north of Casablanca and is an elegant, spacious city.
Marrakech has surpassed the sordid port of Tangier as the contemporary gay capital of Morocco, thanks mainly to the influx of Westerners who open up riads (guesthouses) in the city.
Inevitably he was drawn after them, towards Fez itself, the religious capital of Morocco and the site of its founder's tomb.
Once the capital of Morocco, the city simply buzzes from dawn to dusk.
In 1984 John Paul addressed 60,000 Muslim students in a soccer stadium in Rabat, capital of Morocco.
Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco and the remittance link between Europe and Africa.
Fes is an ancient city and former capital of Morocco.
Rabat, the capital of Morocco is the city of honour at the inaugural SMAP Expo Abu Dhabi, with a dedicated space on the exhibition floor reserved for the "Medina" - a showcase of Moroccan lifestyle and commercial activities that reflect the country's diversity, culture, and heritage.
The JEC meeting was held in the city of Rabat, capital of Morocco.