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the capital of Moldova

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Saakashvili said, summing up results of his two day visit to the capital of Moldova.
A 16-strong contingent from Blythswood Care are driving four fire engines and two ambulances to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.
In one of its secret files are several newspaper cut-outs with photographs of the singer's time in the former USSR, where he played 23 concerts over 23 nights in Moscow, Leningrad and Kishinev, the capital of Moldova.
It also opened a Common Visa Application Centre in the capital of Moldova (Chisinau) in April 2007, and launched initial talks with the country on a pilot mobility partnership within the framework of the global approach to migration.
The initial adoption without reservations of various Romanian symbols (same flag, same national hymn) was later denounced, as the capital of Moldova confronted shortages of gas and electricity due to Russia's endorsement of Transnistria.
My father left Odessa (now in Ukraine, then part of Greater Russia), my mother Kishinev (the capital of Moldova, once part of Romania, later of the Soviet Union).
The capital of Moldova, Chisinau, will host a meeting of the heads of government of the GUAM countries on October 5.
Nemirovsky, as it happens, knew Lieberman when they were both young men in Soviet Chisinau, now the capital of Moldova; one of Nemirovsky's cousins was a classmate of the minister's.
The match is being played in the capital Chisinau after being switched from Tiraspol, the capital of Moldova's breakawy Dnestr region.