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capital of the state of Mississippi on the Pearl River

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McCain, a president emeritus of the University of Southern Mississippi, wrote in The Story of Jackson: A History of the Capital of Mississippi 1821-1851 (1953): "Sherman's forces in the city burned the Penitentiary, the Southern Agricultural Implement Factory, the Jackson Foundry and Machine Shop, the depot buildings, the railroad rolling stock, the hat factory, the cotton warehouses, the Catholic Church, the Confederate Hotel, two hospitals, the banking house, all workshops, the building used to store medical supplies, and all cotton and sugar.
Segregation was so much a part of me I defended it in articles after becoming associate editor of the State Times in Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, where I was reared.
"Come visit us in the Blueberry capital of Mississippi, and enjoy some of our sweet blueberries!" adds Krutzfeldt.
On that last topic: Poplarville proclaims itself "The Blueberry Capital of Mississippi." In addition to that claim, this town of around 2,900 is also the county seat of Pearl River County.
Frequent visits by Hollywood have earned Canton a reputation as the Movie Capital of Mississippi. "A Time to Kill" (based on the novel written by Mississippi author John Grisham), "My Dog Skip" (based on the book by the late Mississippi author Willie Morris), "The Ponder Heart" (based on the novel bythe late Mississippi author Eudora Welty), "The Rising Place," and "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" were all filmed entirely in Canton.