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the capital of Malta

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The European Asylum Support Office was created in 2010 and is located in Valletta, the capital of Malta. It has been fully operational since 2011.
Hosted in the world heritage listed capital of Malta from May 16 to 22, motoring enthusiasts will get the chance to experience a historic classic car event.
I took another Pilates class - I am definitely a convert now - and with my core muscles engaged, posture aligned and skin radiating beauty, I hopped on a bus and ventured out to the walled city of Mdina, the former capital of Malta with its beautiful mix of architectural styles, A little more indulgence came in the form of a glass of local chardonnay and some bigilla, a dried bean puree, with Maltese bread at Ciappetti, one of the best restaurants on the island.
Summary: The Secretary of External Affairs of the General People's Congress met in the capital of Malta Valletta with Malta's deputy Prime Minister Foreign Minister.
Our next visit was to Mdina where coffees and teas are served before fabulous views from the open-air rooftop tables set on fortified Mdina's ramparts, the old capital of Malta.
Valletta - Citta' Umilissima, "A City Built by Gentlemen for Gentlemen" - is the capital of Malta and a fine example of a fortified European city.
My boyfriend and I rented an apartment on North Street in Valletta, the capital of Malta. It's an old neighborhood that has about seven permanent street felines, each scrambling for the meager amount of food and water one of the women, Antoinette, would kindly put out each day on her stoop.
A conference on architectural history entitled 'The Founding Myths of Architecture' was recently held in the splendid late sixteenth-century Auberge de Provence in Valletta, capital of Malta. The programme gave considerable scope for personal views and reflection, and so speakers included international architectural historians Caspar Pearson, Claude Massu, Pascal Julien, and Fabio Barry, theoreticians including Kari Jormakka from Vienna, and practising architects such as Eric Parry, former RIBA president George Ferguson, and also Swiss architect Walter Hunziker who last year won an international competition for the design of new protective structures and tourist facilities at the famous megalithic temple sites on the island.
Then it was on to Mdina - the old walled capital of Malta. It's a must for any visitor, with its fantastic architecture, cobbled streets and winding alleys which offered shadowy comfort from the mid-day sun.
at least proud Pete has been appointed cultural ambassador to Valleta, the capital of Malta.
Wow factor: Discover Pompeii, Napoleon's birthplace Ajaccio, and the many churches in Valetta, the ancient capital of Malta.
The European Union now has a "fully operational" European Asylum Support Office based in Valletta, the capital of Malta, but is still struggling to agree on a common asylum system.
Valletta, a harbour city whose formidable walls rise majestically from the sea, is the current capital of Malta.