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the capital of Malta

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Maltese tunnel network discovery boosts knights' tale: Evidence of an underground network of tunnels has been discovered beneath the historic capital of Malta, fuelling a debate about their original purpose.
Our next visit was to Mdina where coffees and teas are served before fabulous views from the open-air rooftop tables set on fortified Mdina's ramparts, the old capital of Malta.
Valletta - Citta' Umilissima, "A City Built by Gentlemen for Gentlemen" - is the capital of Malta and a fine example of a fortified European city.
My boyfriend and I rented an apartment on North Street in Valletta, the capital of Malta.
A conference on architectural history entitled 'The Founding Myths of Architecture' was recently held in the splendid late sixteenth-century Auberge de Provence in Valletta, capital of Malta.
Then it was on to Mdina - the old walled capital of Malta.
at least proud Pete has been appointed cultural ambassador to Valleta, the capital of Malta.
The European Union now has a "fully operational" European Asylum Support Office based in Valletta, the capital of Malta, but is still struggling to agree on a common asylum system.
Valletta, a harbour city whose formidable walls rise majestically from the sea, is the current capital of Malta.
Also, known as the Silent City, the ancient capital of Malta was established by the Arabs and is a living monument of architectural styles boasting heavily built walls, shaded narrow streets lined with imposing Norman and Baroque buildings that seem frozen in time.
His latest venture is co-producing a baroque opera in the Manoel Theatre, built in 1732 in Valletta, the capital of Malta.
Ahead I could see the sandstone walls of Mdina, the old Moorish capital of Malta, towering above the dusty plains below.
Just answer the following question: The capital of Malta is:
Answer this: What is the capital of Malta (a) Valetta (b) Sliema (c) St Julian's.
We stopped at Cadiz in Spain and Valletta, the capital of Malta, en route to Venice as part of The Adriatic Adventure Cruise.