capital of Jamaica

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capital and largest city of Jamaica

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And for that I thank my late Uncle Johnny Brown - for it was he who brought to Mom and Dads' parties the Blue Beat records he had bought in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, when he was home visiting his mother.
The very same Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault that cuts through Haiti continues through the seafloor and touches land again near Kingston, the port city and capital of Jamaica. In 1692, in an area near and south of Kingston, an earthquake destroyed the legendary port city and commercial center of Port Royal, one third of which sank into the sea.
I asked you last week to tell me the capital of Jamaica and almost everyone answered correctly with Kingston.
THOUSANDS of heavily armed police and soldiers barged past barricades into the capital of Jamaica's most violent slums yesterday, clashing with die-hard defenders of a gang leader sought by the US, leaving at least 30 people dead.
Natalie, of Hales Road, Wednesbury, left her daughter with her mother in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, after she finished a three-week research trip to the Caribbean country.