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capital and largest city of the modern state of Israel (although its status as capital is disputed)

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Australia has become one of few countries that have recognized Jerusalem as capital of Israel. The United States was the first country to do that and to move its embassy there in what was described as a violation of international law that considers Jerusalem as occupied territory whose future should be determined in negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel.
During his speech in a conference on digital economy in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Aboul-Gheit said that recognising West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and ignoring to acknowledge East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, reflects a clear bias to the Israeli position, and disregards the rights of the Palestinian people in East Jerusalem, as the capital of their state.
'Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, whether the UN recognizes it or not,' he added.
Recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel challenges the peace process, discomforts America's closest allies in the Middle East, and sets the US apart from its closest European allies, who have advocated a two-state solution for 40 years."
20, 1980, in response to Israel's adoption of the basic law making Jerusalem the 'complete and united' capital of Israel. For the UN Security Council, the basic law constituted a violation of international law, and therefore void.
1 (ANI): The Palestinian government has recalled its United States ambassador following US President Donald Trump's controversial decision of recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel a few weeks ago.
They urged the US President to withdraw his decision to recognise Qibla-i-Awal as the capital of Israel. They expressed their solidarity with the Palestinians and vowed to resist any attempt by the US President to shift its embassy to Jerusalem.
The company promises that in the upcoming Dreamliner airplanes, updated text will appear that defines Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
President Donald Trump recognized occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Australia is one of the first few countries to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, following from the US decision last year.
Aboul Gheit said from Vienna that the statement by Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison in which he said his country is considering recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel "will negatively affect its relationship with the Arab and Islamic countries."
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 16 (KUNA) -- Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Tuesday that his country is considering a proposal of transferring the Australian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognize it as the capital of Israel. In a press conference, Premier Scott Morrison said he was "open-minded" to the proposals of formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and move his nation's embassy, a sharp twist in the policy of successive Australian governments for decades.
BAGHDAD (NINA) - Australia officially recognized West Quds as the capital of Israel without a decision to move the Embassy to it immediately.
Kuala Lumpur, December 16, 2018, SPA -- Jerusalem should remain as it is and it is not right for any other country to decide that it should become the capital of Israel or be divided, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.