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capital and largest city and major port of the Irish Republic

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Key stops are posh Schull - west Cork's equivalent of Devon's Salcombe - recently dubbed the food capital of Ireland, and Crookhaven, where you can usually see handfuls of dazed yachtsmen who've just made the crossing from France.
It's fair to say that Welsh-speaking communities helped build our city and worldfamous docks and so while you often hear it stated that Liverpool is the English capital of Ireland, I would also refer to it as the English capital of North Wales.
Described as the food capital of Ireland, I was determined to find out if this title was justified.
Our destination was Kinsale, which is touted as the culinary capital of Ireland, mainly thanks to its Good Food Circle which organises a gourmet festival each year.
It claims for itself the title of the gourmet capital of Ireland, and who are we to argue?
They'll be facing their final challenge at Dudley's cookery school in the gastronomic capital of Ireland, Kinsale.
Keane, of course, was among friends in the city whose inhabitants regard it as the real capital of Ireland.
It is understood the Queen herself wanted the Maundy Thursday service to be held in Armagh, the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland.
Galway is renowned as the social capital of Ireland and a visit to the western city for the Festival is a must for anybody with the desire to party!
As the capital of Ireland, and the powerhouse of the national economy, it is vital for everyone that Dublin works.
| Celebrate in one of Liverpool's many Irish pubs As befits the so-called second capital of Ireland, Liverpool has plenty of Irish pubs spread around the city - and all of them will be packed on Thursday.
His net worth on his death was estimated at pounds 1, or as Brian Cowen knows it, "Dublin" - the capital of Ireland.
"Yeh, we are really looking forward to this gig as we understand Liverpool is the second capital of Ireland," says Joanie with another laugh, while revealing that on earlier trips to the UK they did visit the city to pay homage at the Cavern to the Beatles and other beat bands that changed the face of pop music, if not the traditional element.