capital of Iraq

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capital and largest city of Iraq

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AS a fresh wave of violence swept over the capital of Iraq yesterday, the interim government announced a package of security measures allowing the prime minister to impose martial law.
It was Bagdad, christened by railroad officials trying to come up with a name suitable to the oppressive climate but apparently unaware that the capital of Iraq has an ``h'' in it.
BRITON Alan Dacey is bracing himself for the Allied onslaught on the capital of Iraq, fearing he may become a human shield.
Baghdad, the modern-day capital of Iraq, was for decades viewed as a city of song and pleasure, of art and learning, of drama and music.
The worst hit city is Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, with 315 people killed.
The project is located in the Basrah region, 480km southwest of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.
Qadr Hamajan, a senior security official in Sulaimaniya, said four tourists had arrived in the Kurdish city 260 km (160 miles) northeast of Baghdad, from Arbil, the capital of Iraq s largely autonomous Kurdish region, Wednesday.
Shalah, a leading member in the State of Law, headed by Premier Nouri al-Maliki, added that "there is an agreement among the National Alliance members that the conference should be held in Baghdad, not any other place, because Baghdad is the capital of Iraq and all political entities are there".
Summary: Etihad Crystal Cargo, a division of Etihad Airways, is to launch a twice weekly service from its hub at Abu Dhabi airport to Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.
The parties argued that Baghdad was the capital of Iraq and should therefore be the location where the formation of the next government is decided.
The new service took place just one month following starting services to Erbil, capital of Iraq s autonomous Kurdish region.
The Green Zone attacks were, symbolically at least, a sign that forces hostile to the US are still able to strike at the American nerve center and seat of government power in the capital of Iraq.
Arbil, the capital of Iraq Kurdistan region, lies 350 km north of the capital, Baghdad.