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the capital of India is a division of the old city of Delhi

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The commercial capital of India has high visibility, so the terrorists are guaranteed global exposure.
Besides the cold-rolling plant investment in Vietnam, CSC will also set up an operating liaison office in New Delhi, capital of India, by the end of June this year.
The smuggler said that it was his seventh time he was smuggling heroin to New Delhi, the capital of India.
As the financial capital of India, Mumbai features on every India travel itinerary.
The city is the business capital of India with the third largest stock exchange in the world, and the largest and busiest port India handling the country's foreign trade.
Alagumuthu's parents moved to New Delhi, the capital of India, from the southern part of the country many years ago.
A jaunt through Bangalore, the outsourcing capital of India, shows that along with the less-than-five-year-old shining steel and glass office buildings sprawled across the city, are designer shops and shopping malls, as well as a new generation of Indian coffee-shop chains, such as Mocha and the 500-outlet Barista chain.
New Delhi was declared capital of India in 1911, and was designed as a demonstration of imperial power, with the great parade route, the Rajpath, running east to west some two kilometres from India Gate, Edwin Lutyens's national war memorial, then up the ramp between Herbert Baker's two Secretariats, to culminate in the presidential palace, the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Lutyens's Viceroy's House.
Delhi Metro establishes sustainable transport solutions for the capital of India
The meeting was held in the Government Palace in New Delhi, the capital of India, and the event served, on the one hand, to welcome the official delegation of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and, secondly, to boost friendly ties between both peoples and governments.
Kejriwal said he has plans to make Delhi, the national capital of India a complete WiFi-city and make greater use of technology in surveillance and to maintain law and order.
The Information Technology capital of India saw the advent of 4G in 2012 and today we are proud to announce the launch of the much awaited Airtel 4G services on mobile in partnership with Apple," (http://gadgets.
After establishing itself as a prominent SEO Company in Delhi, the company has anchored its services on the shores of Mumbai, the financial capital of India.
Reliance Capital of India is seeking a bank as a minority third partner for it insurance arm, Reliance Life insurance.