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capital and largest city of Hungary

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Architecturally Pest has that grand feel of the late 19th Century, with wide boulevards and grand public buildings appropriate to the Empire's second city and the capital of Hungary, which celebrated its 1000th anniversary in 1896.
Embarking from Passau Germany the cruise ship 'MS ARMADEUS' will travel along the Danube, the second longest river in Europe, complete with a Viennese ensemble entertaining guests daily with Mozart's most famous works, arriving in Budapest, the famous capital of Hungary after 7 days.
Dubai-based global airline Emirates declared that it is all set to start a new route to Budapest, the capital of Hungary from 27 October.
th] year, Routes Europe is the only network planning forum for the entire European region and the 2013 event, hosted by Budapest Airport, will take place in Budapest, the beautiful historic capital of Hungary.
We went there for four days and believe me it was not enough time to savour all that this city the capital of Hungary has to offer.
If you want to share Yuletide with someone special, try a quiet romantic trip to one of Europe's hottest city destinations - Budapest, capital of Hungary, which is famed for its elegant thermal baths.
The government said the first two Somalia airlines aircraft that will soon step on the road to recovery are ready decorated with famous white star and the blue color of the Somali national flag in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
The capital of Hungary, Budapest, has not seen so many meetings for quite a long time, especially considering the fact that unlike the general European crisis these rallies are for the current government.
Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a city rich in history and culture.
Mithis is a computer- and video game developer situated in the heart of Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
The city of Gior has a population of 130,000 and is located in western Hungary near the Austrian border, a driving distance of approximately an hour and a half from Vienna, the capital of Austria, and approximately one hour from Budapest, the capital of Hungary.