capital of Gambia

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a port city and capital of Gambia

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Six years ago the 62-year-old first rode the 2,670 miles route on a 1984 Honda C90 to the remote community of Bansang, 200 miles from the capital of Gambia, Banjul.
Washington this month designated two businesses in Banjul, the capital of Gambia, as part of the financial network supporting the Lebanese Hezbollah.
"It seems that I might get a royal thank you as well, as the organisation is appreciative of the work we've carried out in Gambia." Bob embarked on a 10-day, 4,000-mile charity drive from Birmingham to Banjul, capital of Gambia, in November 2007 to raise funds for an educational scholarship.
In the evening, they would all go out with Omar's friends, from Bacau, a town near Banjul the capital of Gambia, to listen to music and chat.
Earlier this month, the shipper filed paperwork to reload the containers and move then to Banjul, the capital of Gambia. Nigerian police then seized the containers and found them packed with weapons.