capital of Estonia

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a port city on the Gulf of Finland that is the capital and largest city of Estonia

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Introductory round-trip fares are available from Istanbul to the capital of Estonia, Tallinn starting from e1/4179 ($230), including taxes and fees.
Austrian experts would be assigned to serve at the NATO center for combating online piracy and hacking in Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Moreover, Austria would benefit from the US substantial expertise in this field.
I was fairly recently in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, until 1990 a constituent republic of the former Soviet Union.
Mr Gross is posting the letters on his blog at He is spending this week in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, to lead writing workshops.
The city, which has 81 hotels including bed and breakfasts listed in the phone book, is cheaper that many in Europe, and level with cities such as Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.
The grim bronze statue of a Soviet soldier in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, an already uncomfortable presence at the centre of a city no longer under Soviet 'occupation', was relocated last April to the tranquil setting of a war cemetery.
The illustrious ensemble has played some exotic locations in the history, from Toyota City, Japan, to the capital of Estonia on the Baltic Sea.
THE capital of Estonia is pretty with a medieval centre, interesting churches, art galleries and museums, nice cafes and restaurants and a vibrant feel that comes from the success of its many high-tech industries.
The Commission's statement follows a series of violent events which took place in Tallinn (capital of Estonia) last week, when one Russian citizen was killed and more than 150 injured in brutal riots on 27 April led by Russian-speaking youths demonstrating against the Estonian authorities' decision to remove the Soviet-era war memorial from the centre of Tallinn and its re-erection in the war cemetery.
I have just returned from Tallinn, theremarkably beautiful capital of Estonia, with a one-volume history of the Baltic States to fill in some substantial gaps in my knowledge of Europe.
Wright, 34, disappeared after one of his close associates, publican Billy Hain, 42, was arrested in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, with a pounds 2.4million batch of heroin last year.
Tallinn, capital of Estonia, miraculously preserved its medieval heart through all the Baltic political changes of the twentieth century.
The capital of Estonia is Tallinn, one of the oldest cities on the Baltic Sea.