capital of Colorado

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the state capital and largest city of Colorado

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The state capital of Colorado, Denver dubs itself 'The Mile High City' and is at an altitude of some major European ski resorts.
And since Crested Butte is the official wildflower capital of Colorado, the next day Mary and I decide to lace up our hiking boots and hit the trail.
If O'Connor and Greenhut are lucky arid persistent, they might realize as much of their dreams as 26-year-old Hadi Hadziselimovic, who secured a $3,000 loan from Business Capital of Colorado Inc.
Crested Butte is also known as the Wildflower Capital of Colorado, but our trip came after the wildflowers had bloomed.
Let's start with the capital of Colorado. When you log on to your Web browser, you'll see a blank command line across the top.
For about 20 years, Grand Lakers have subtitled their town, "The Snowmobiling Capital of Colorado," creating a semblance of a winter economy where there wasn't one before.