capital of Chile

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the capital and largest city of Chile

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TAITRA indicated earlier that the delegation will continue its tour to San Diego, the capital of Chile, later, and finish 660 business meetings with local enterprises there.
The highway that runs through Santiago, the capital of Chile, is a PPP-project (Private Public Partnership).
Kuwaiti Prime Minister Shaikh Nasser Al Mohammad Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah arrived late Sunday in the capital of Chile, Santiago, the sixth leg of his Latin American and Caribbean tour.
Chile Following the earthquake on the morning of February 27, the majority of flights to the capital of Chile have been suspended.
After a year of travel, they arrived at a place with fertile soil along the Mopocho River, which runs through the present day capital of Chile, Santiago.
From there he will be moving onto Santiago, the capital of Chile, followed by Los Angeles, in California, and then onto Sydney, followed by Dubai and Nairobi.
Just one more challenge awaited the port which is often called the "Jewel of the Pacific." In the second half of the twentieth century, Santiago, the capital of Chile, became the central economic and political hub of the country, and Valparaiso's lights again waned.
I traveled two hours south by plane from my hometown of Santiago, the capital of Chile, to join a group of five friends on one partially cloudy fall afternoon.
A decade ago, Coyhaique, capital of Chile's Aisen Region, was a Patagonian backwoods.