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the capital of Canada (located in southeastern Ontario across the Ottawa river from Quebec)

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Summary: Prince William has joined in a game of street hockey in Yellowknife, the capital of Canada's Northwest Territories.
The Parliament of the United Province of Canada was created in 1844, passed groundbreaking legislation to establish responsible government, and marked Montreal as the capital of Canada. Alas, it did not survive.
ISTANBUL, Jul 12, 2009 (TUR) -- The Turkish national air carrier made its first direct flight to Toronto, the cultural capital of Canada, on Saturday.
The first Murale will open in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, in Place D'Orleans, followed closely by the launch of Murale's first flagship store in the Galerie Place Ville-Marie in Montreal.
Northern Exposures, written by Eric Walters (HarperCollins Canada) and Sharla, written by Budge Wilson (Stoddart Kids) offer a glimpse of life in Churchill, Manitoba, the polar bear capital of Canada.
Wikwemikong artists will also take part in commemorating the Cultural Capital of Canada designation by hosting an art show.
The president of Laurentian Media Group, the parent company of Northern Ontario Business and Sudbury's Northern Life, wants the Ontario Mining Association to get serious about Greater Sudbury as the mining capital of Canada and move its headquarters to the Big Nickel.
In the upcoming season, when it expands to 26 dancers, Alberta ballet, situated in the capital of Canada's oil industry, will become the country third largest ballet company--after the National of Ballet of Canada and Grands Ballet Canadiens de Montreal.
However, the festival doesn't generate enough buzz in the multicultural capital of Canada. Furthermore, Toronto film festivals take place in the downtown core, where clubs and restaurants are readily available for the press and attendees alike.
A year later Members of the Assembly voted to move the capital From what one oF them called "This hell Kingston." Montreal became the new capital oF Canada when the second Parliament opened there in November 1844.
Solar-wall technology is keeping the Weledah Catholic School comfortably warm this winter -- a remarkable achievement, since the school is Located in Yellowknife, the capital of Canada's snowbound Northwest Territories.
Along with Laven, investors in the company include Doug Laver, president of Technican Pacific of Brantford, Ontario, Canada; Summer Street Capital Partners, a Buffalo, N.Y.-based private investment equity firm; and HSBC Capital of Canada.
Swan Valley is the first Manitoba region to be the recipient of the Canadian Forestry Association's Forest Capital of Canada designation for 1998.
Just about any city that experiences the full brunt of winter can rightfully claim themselves to be the snowmobile capital of Canada. But Don Lumley isn't waiting for another community to claim the title.
1858: Ottawa was chosen by Queen Victoria to be the capital of Canada, due to its relatively central and defensible location.