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the capital of Canada (located in southeastern Ontario across the Ottawa river from Quebec)

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The president of Laurentian Media Group, the parent company of Northern Ontario Business and Sudbury's Northern Life, wants the Ontario Mining Association to get serious about Greater Sudbury as the mining capital of Canada and move its headquarters to the Big Nickel.
However, the festival doesn't generate enough buzz in the multicultural capital of Canada.
Montreal became the new capital oF Canada when the second Parliament opened there in November 1844.
based private investment equity firm; and HSBC Capital of Canada.
Swan Valley is the first Manitoba region to be the recipient of the Canadian Forestry Association's Forest Capital of Canada designation for 1998.
ANKARA, Jul 10, 2009 (TUR) -- The Turkish national air carrier will make its first direct flight to Toronto, the cultural capital of Canada, on Saturday.
Mr Featherstone thought the capital of Canada was Toronto.
TORONTO -- Nortel (NYSE:NT) (TSX:NT) has selected a Toronto location for its new global headquarters, confirming its commitment to remain within the financial capital of Canada and one of the top five most livable cities in the world according to the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit.
Alan Durham, director of international trade at the Chamber, said: "Windsor's roots are similar to those of Coventry's and it is often referred to as the Automotive Capital of Canada.
He has been hearing talk about making Sudbury the mining capital of Canada.
NorthSeas is based in Ottawa, the high-tech capital of Canada.