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a city in north central California 75 miles to the northeast of San Francisco on the Sacramento River

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Short-sighted arbitrary budget reductions are likely to create a wide swath of social damage that will cause far more lasting harm to the economy and the human capital of California than intelligently designed tax increases," said Flaming.
Admittedly, working for a newspaper in the capital of California, I'm in an extremely topic-rich environment.
But the study's results don't necessarily indicate Glendale has become the intermarriage capital of California, said the study's author Hans Johnson, a demographer.
This was the oil capital of California in the late 1880s,'' Nelson said.
By connecting Santa Barbara with the capital of California, both communities will enjoy convenient transportation to support business, leisure and governmental endeavors.
O'Neal's most piercing remark came at the parade celebrating the Lakers' 2002 championship - which included a seventh-game overtime victory over Sacramento in the Western Conference finals - when he said ``Sacramento will never be the capital of California.
Will Sacramento prove it not only deserves to be the capital of California but the basketball capital of the NBA?
Previously, Vance was with Virtual Capital of California, LLC, where he was that firm's CFO and a managing member.
They would love to be grinning about Shaquille O'Neal calling them the Sacramento ``Queens'' and declaring Los Angeles to be the capital of California.
We are extremely pleased to open our newest clinic in the state capital of California," said Stephen A.
Bryant and O'Neal each declared their motivation to win a fourth title, with O'Neal starting the war of words already by taking a shot at Sacramento and calling Los Angeles ``the new capital of California.
The main campus lies 26 miles northeast of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley, the intellectual capital of California.
Everybody thinks Los Angeles is the capital of California.
ANS currently operates a single, common-use Wi-Fi network throughout Sacramento International Airport (SMF), in the state capital of California, and is working with other North American airports on additional Wi-Fi contracts.
There never used to be a tug of war over the title ``Nation's Smoggiest City'' - the car capital of California, some would say the world, always won.