capital of California

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a city in north central California 75 miles to the northeast of San Francisco on the Sacramento River

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"We are excited to acquire a highly desirable area of land in the wind capital of California," said Tony Cataldo, M-Wave's Chairman and CEO.
The state capital of California is known to flower lovers as the Camellia capital of the world.
The capital of California, then, is the perfect place for the nation's editorial writers to consider the state of the nation's states and the host of issues confronting the states, issues that are high on the agendas of most of editorial pages.
San Jose, the unofficial capital of California's Silicon Valley, was recently threatened by floodwaters from a nearby river.
Sacramento, not Vallejo, became the capital of California, and one morning the Don woke to find that thieves had come in the night and stolen his fence and milked his cows.
Fernandez said he believes that in ten years, the Central Coast will be known as the Syrah capital of California.
We are trying to make Hopland the "Sustainable Capital of California."
Admittedly, working for a newspaper in the capital of California, I'm in an extremely topic-rich environment.
10) What is the capital of California? Answers: 1) Red 2) Ice Hockey 3) The Greeks 4) Brassica 5) Oliver 6) 36 7) English 8) Greece 9) Barry Took 10) Sacremento.
Reaching the capital of California, Sacramento, we started the climb through the mountains and the red wood trees, and began to get a real sense of the big country.
Sacramento, the capital of California, is a cultural hot spot with a rich landscape.
31 January 2018 - UK-based information and analytics provider RELX Group has agreed to acquire all issued share capital of California, US-based online digital identity repository ThreatMetrix for GBP 580m (USD 821m), the company said.