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2 capital of BRAZIL w by architect Osca in 1956 after it w to move the sea ment from Rio a more central country.
The Embassy of Pakistan was installed in Rio de Janeiro, then capital of Brazil, in 1951.
The University of Brasilia, in the capital of Brazil, has awarded an honorary doctorate to Bulgarian diplomat and Latin American Studies Professor Rumen Stoyanov, announced the Bulgarian Embassy in Brasilia.
In a statement during the ordinary session of the 15th conference of the Federation held in the capital of Brazil, Brasilia, Chairwoman of the WIDF, Marcia Campos said "We who represent the women of the whole world express unlimited support to Syria and its efforts exerted to realize stability and restore its normal life.
Copa Airlines, subsidiary of Panama-based Copa Holdings SA (NYSE:CPA), said on Monday that it will launch a new service to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, on 18 June.
The new office was officially inaugurated on Monday in the economic capital of Brazil at a ceremony that brought togther some 300 officials, including partners, customers and other fertilizers players.
She failed to identify the capital of Brazil and how many municipalities there are in Jordan, noting that even in Tawjihi, the year that could define oneAAEs future in terms of academia, the course entitled AoGeneral EducationAo seems to take on specific issues to highlight than raise awareness of general global and local key events and people, and then she added, AoWe memorized it for the exam, then puff
Salvador was the former capital of Brazil, before Rio de Jaeiro and how Brasilia.
WITH LEGAL BRIEFS on his shoulder, a Pataxo Hahahae Indian in traditional, garb and face paint arrived at the Supreme Court in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, on September 24.
1960: The new city of Brasilia was declared the capital of Brazil, replacing Rio de Janeiro
Several years ago I spent some time in Franca, a city with hundreds of shoe factories known as the child labor capital of Brazil.
A two-hour flight from Rio takes you to Salvador, the historic former capital of Brazil.
Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, is a new city developed post-Second World War, as is Milton Keynes.
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Salvador, the first capital of Brazil, is the influence of its predominant people, the African Brazilian, on the culture.