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What about Curitiba, the capital of Brazil's Paran state, with its pedestrian-centered planning?
The financial capital of Brazil and one of the 10 most populous cities, SaPound o Paulo, went through a calamity similar to Cape Town's in 2015, when the Sistema Cantareira, its main reservoir, was below four per cent of capacity.
Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, was constructed in the late 1950s.
What is the capital of Brazil? A Rio de Janeiro B Brasilia C Salvador D Sao Paulo 6.
At the same time, Zero Hora, a daily based in Porto Alegre, the capital of Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state, published two photographs that heightened the seriousness of the situation.
He died peacefully in his home in Sio Paulo, the commercial capital of Brazil. It's a great loss to the coffee industry that in Luiz, it has lost one of the foremost authorities on coffee in the world's largest producing country.
Thanks to its many beaches, Rio is the tourism capital of Brazil, welcoming close to three million visitors per year.
The Foreign Minister of Brazil, Advisor to the President, and Secretary General of the Ministry of External Relations attended the ceremony, according to a message received here from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.
But in October 2015, water levels in the Negro River -- near Manaus, the capital of Brazil's state of Amazonas -- decreased so much that boats were left stranded.
"Braxilia" is a documentary fiabout Nicolas Behr's poetry on Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, directed by Danyella Proenca in 2010.
Obstacles: Q: What's the capital of Brazil? (Hint: It's not Rio).
It's more than just a homage to a continent that was so impor- tant for Brazil, especially for Bahia - considered the African capital of Brazil.
Q: Which of the following is the capital of Brazil?
Salvador is populated by more people of African descent than any city outside Africa, and the slaves were also responsible for some of the most impressive architecture in this former capital of Brazil.