capital of Benin

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the capital of Benin in southwestern part of country on a coastal lagoon

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The A320 plane Farhat Hached of national carrier Tunisair landed, on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 3:25 pm (Tunis time) at the international airport of Cotonou, capital of Benin, after its takeoff from Tunis-Carthage, 10:30 am for its maiden flight 401 to its 7th sub-Saharan destination.
This parliamentary mission was held in Porto-Novo, the capital of Benin, from 3 to 10 July.
When Air Afrique's Board of Governors met late January in Cotonou, the capital of Benin, they could no longer put off officially acknowledging the "grave situation" at the airline.
Scope: Porto-Novo, the administrative capital of Benin, is a historic town with a natural, urban and unique cultural, natural areas of great wealth, and situated at a crossroads giving it a strategic location (city and Lake Nokou conjunction with the city of Lagos in Nigeria).
Hazoume's studio in the capital of Benin has launched new takes on his masks and installations developed from plastic petrol cans, and other media embodying his socio-political message.
The reconciliation project came after an international gathering held in Cotonou, the capital of Benin, in late 1999 to focus on the Atlantic slave triangle.
When the new Convention was signed in the capital of Benin on 23 June, the representatives of the Marshall Islands, and of the Federal State of Micronesia were not able to attend.
By operating the Lagos-Dakar flight through Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin, Arik Air will add Cotonou to its daily itinerary network, with effect from March 10, 2014.
The carrier will include Cotonou, the financial capital of Benin Republic, into its daily route network through operating the flight between Lagos and Dakar using Cotonou from 10th of next month.
Starting March 10, 2014, Arik Air will add Cotonou to its daily route network by operating the Lagos-Dakar flight via Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin Republic.
The Oredo gas plant is positioned at OML III, Ologbo close to the Edo State capital of Benin City.