capital of Belarus

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the capital of Belarus and of the Commonwealth of Independent States

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Minsk is the capital of Belarus as well as the economic, technological and cultural center of Belarus.
This latest cessation of hostilities was agreed after a marathon session of diplomacy last week that brought together the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France for talks in the capital of Belarus, Minsk.
Russian president Vladimir Putin announced the agreement following marathon talks in the capital of Belarus at the end of a week of diplomacy which has seen the French and German leaders engage in talks in Kiev and Moscow.
Along with French President FranAs.ois Hollande, she plans to meet Russian and Ukrainian leaders in Minsk, the capital of Belarus on Wednesday.
On Saturday, the Contact Group on Ukrainian crisis held a fresh round of peace talks in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.
A ceasefire agreed at the talks in Minsk, capital of Belarus, in early September has been regularly violated since the start by both sides, and fighting has flared up again since plans for peace talks last week were abandoned.
They are suspected of murder that happened back in December 2012 when Minsk police found bodies of two in a rented apartment in the capital of Belarus.
The meeting in the capital of Belarus came on the same day that Ukraine had said it captured 10 Russian soldiers who had come over the border.
Minsk, the capital of Belarus, is a city that is acclaimed for its folk choreography and classic dance forms.
The plane was carrying the Lokomotiv ice hockey team from Yaroslavl to Minsk, capital of Belarus, where the team was to play today against Dinamo Minsk.
The deposed president of Kyrgyzstan has arrived in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, after he was removed from power following bloody protests against his government.
Cllr Michna is now heading for Minsk, the capital of Belarus.
While residing in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and other places around the country, Sugenoya performed operations and checkups on local residents.
Gatherings took place in several former Soviet Republics, including the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and Minsk, capital of Belarus. November 7th -- the Great October Socialist Revolution Day -- was once one of the most important days in the Soviet calendar, though under Yeltsin it was `rebranded' the Day of Reconciliation and Accord.