capital of Arizona

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the state capital and largest city located in south central Arizona

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After Obama's victory, Senator McCain addressed his supporters in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona.
Nestled in the rolling Juniper Mountains, less than two hours north of Phoenix, is the historic town of Prescott--the former territorial capital of Arizona.
Direct flights to Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, place you at the gateway to the Wild West and the Valley Of The Sun, where millions of city-dwelling Americans go to soak up their Frontier heritage with horse riding, gold panning, river rafting and hot-air ballooning over the 100 golf courses and 1,000 tennis courts.
As a former capital of Arizona, Tucson had a population of just a few thousand.
The first territorial capital of Arizona, the city has grown steadily in population over the past 30 years; the current estimate of 43,573 residents represents a healthy 25% gain over the 2000 census total.