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the state capital of Alaska


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As the capital of Alaska, Juneau is not just the political center of the state, but its cruise hub as well, welcoming more than 600,000 cruise passengers each summer.
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As the capital of Alaska, Juneau's political atmosphere blends with the downtown's historic atmosphere and spectacular natural setting of a coastal community."
The constant question of why Juneau is the capital of Alaska is rooted in its mining history and who hit pay dirt first.
Next stop is Ketchikan, the totem pole capital of Alaska, set in the midst of the 16 million acre Tongass National Forest and steeped in native American history.
Juneau has been the capital of Alaska since 1906, when the government of the then-Alaska Territory was moved from Sitka.
Following another night at sea we arrived at Juneau, the state capital of Alaska and with a population of 30,000.
"You said that the capital of Alaska was Fairbanks .
"Overall, Juneau's economic indicators send up a warning flag we hope will inspire the community to inject renewed effort into business development, diversifying our job base, increasing opportunities for young adults and building on Juneau's role as the hub of the Southeast region and the capital of Alaska," the Juneau Economic Development Council (JEDC) Web site states.
that's the Yukon; The Volendam offers a life of luxury on a cruise to Alaska and the Yukon; An autumn cruise to Alaska won't top up your suntan; Juneau, the capital of Alaska, is a major port of call for the Volendam
"We are the snow capital of Alaska, if not the world," said Crisp.