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the state capital of Alaska


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Alicia Adams, 17, of Palmer, a member of the Mat-Su/Copper River 4-H in Palmer and a senior at Wasilla High School in Wasilla, developed an awareness campaign to warn young people about the dangers of methamphetamines, after learning that her community is known as the "meth capital of Alaska.
The tenement is conveniently located on the Pacific Coast, close to the capital of Alaska, Juneau and a major bulk commodity port Skagway.
The constant question of why Juneau is the capital of Alaska is rooted in its mining history and who hit pay dirt first.
that's the Yukon; The Volendam offers a life of luxury on a cruise to Alaska and the Yukon; An autumn cruise to Alaska won't top up your suntan; Juneau, the capital of Alaska, is a major port of call for the Volendam
You said that the capital of Alaska was Fairbanks .
Juneau has been the capital of Alaska since 1906, when the government of the then-Alaska Territory was moved from Sitka.
On the seven-night cruise, guests visit Alaska's most colorful ports of call, embarking in Juneau, the capital of Alaska with its nearby Mendenhall Glacier; Sitka, once known as the capital of Russian America; Skagway, with its stories of the Klondike Gold Rush; Petersburg, a Scandinavian-influenced fishing village also called Little Norway; and Wrangell, a picturesque community featuring a wonderful Native Alaskan cultural site.
Overall, Juneau's economic indicators send up a warning flag we hope will inspire the community to inject renewed effort into business development, diversifying our job base, increasing opportunities for young adults and building on Juneau's role as the hub of the Southeast region and the capital of Alaska," the Juneau Economic Development Council (JEDC) Web site states.
earthquakes, labor force statistics, the capital of Alaska, the Battle of Shiloh or the highest recorded world temperature, the Infoplease Fact Finder leads you to the latest information.
We are the snow capital of Alaska, if not the world," said Crisp.
A day at sea precedes a stop in historic Sitka, once the Russian capital of Alaska and still home to dramatic Russian architecture.