capital loss

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the amount by which the purchase price of an asset exceeds the selling price

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You won't have a wash sale, so the capital loss will be effective.
Net capital loss up to $3,000 can be deducted against other types of income.
In the second quarter, Sanoma will book a capital loss of EUR32.8m in its operating profit as an item affecting comparability and the related item amounting to EUR11.4m in non-controlling interests.
** Net capital loss in a Form 1116 income category tax rate group.
The taxpayer had received an offer to redeem those shares for $20 million but had apparently reasoned that abandonment (with no cash and a $98.6 million ordinary loss) would provide a better economic result than $20 million cash and a $78.6 million capital loss. Presumably the taxpayer didn't expect to have enough capital gains during the taxable year and in the carryback and carryover periods to make the result from the capital loss plus $20 million cash as favorable as the fully deductible $98.6 million ordinary loss.
An allowable business investment (ABIL) loss is like a hybrid--only half of it is deductible (like a capital loss) but it may be deducted against any source of income (like a business loss), not just capital gains.
Established in 1976, the $3,000 maximum capital loss deduction remains the same today The level of the deduction has never been indexed to inflation.
If you repurchase the software giant's shares within 30 days of the sale, your capital loss won't count.
As a result, Larry realizes a short-term capital loss of $2,000.
The taxpayer then argued that the AMT capital loss had created an alternative tax net operating loss (ATNOL), which could be carried back to 2000 and offset against alternative minimum taxable income (AMTI) for that year, creating a refund.
If the election is not made, and the bankruptcy estate has assets to administer, causing it to remain open through 2006, the debtor will not be able to use the capital loss carryover on the 2005 full-year return and a greater capital loss would be available to the bankruptcy estate.
While Canco would not be entitled to the immediate use of any capital loss generated because of "stop loss" rules under the Act, the advantage of the transaction is that it would drive down Canco's "designated cost" and thus lower the amount required to be reported under the FIE Rules.
Now the Revenue will deem the sale of the shares to have created a capital loss for the individual of pounds 900 - pounds 3,100 sales proceeds, less the pounds 3,000 market value of shares on the date of exercise, less the pounds 1,000 subject to income tax on exercise.
* Extending the capital loss carryback period to five years.
That would convert his $30,000 net capital gain for 2017 to a $5,000 net capital loss, avoiding any tax owed on Nick's trades this year.