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a tax on capital or property

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Pigou's point, however, was that expectation of a flight of capital resulting from a capital levy is exaggerated because that uncertainty associated with the potential levy was already a source of fear.
But by 1925, Pigou changed his mind on the capital levy because he came to appreciate that it would, indeed, have a significant repercussion on government revenue.
That makes weapons of mass wealth destruction--such as the IMF's one-off capital levy ...--likelier by the day.
Revenue and Distributional Effects of a Capital Levy, DIW Discussion Paper 1137, Berlin, DIW.
Although Chamley's single initial capital levy allows for first-best allocations to be achieved, such a taxation scheme has evidently little to do with the kinds of policies one observes in practice.
Beginning with Chamley (1986), we have already seen in the introduction that a single capital levy at date 0, if feasible, allows the economy to achieve first-best allocations.
A capital levy is attractive to a government that attaches a high discount rate to revenues obtained in the future, or one that expects to be short-lived without the levy.
However, a capital levy strategy is time-inconsistent: it yields more revenue (in present value terms) than steady inflation only if levies are greater than expected.
Crosland on the vote value of the capital levy is clearly confirming, here again, that the British consensus is hostile to the politics of envy, favourable to the ethics of tolerance and peace.
A high capital levy - some were arguing for 50 per cent on estates of 20,000 [pounds]-30,000 [pounds], rising to 95 per cent or even 100 per cent on holdings in excess of 100,000 [pounds] - would be an unacceptable means to the desired end of a more harmonious in combination with a more equal society: "Such a society can only be reached by steady and evolutionary stages" (1956, p.
In March of last year, the Troika announced that as part of its deal for resolving the Cypriot banking/financial crisis, Cyprus would have to impose a "one-off capital levy," a one-time tax on savings deposits in Cypriot banks.
No need to dwell on issuing general obligation bonds or asking voters to approve a capital levy. Those options appear to have political, legal or financial complications that make them a waste of time.
include issuing bonds; launching a campaign for a voter-approved capital levy; using urban renewal district taxes; using one-time dollars that may materialize over the next few years; and waiving permit fees and other development charges, according to an analysis drafted by city staff.
It is, in fact, a flat capital levy, without exemptions, in which the poor man pays as high a percentage as the rich man.