capital levy

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a tax on capital or property

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Pigou's point, however, was that expectation of a flight of capital resulting from a capital levy is exaggerated because that uncertainty associated with the potential levy was already a source of fear.
Beginning with Chamley (1986), we have already seen in the introduction that a single capital levy at date 0, if feasible, allows the economy to achieve first-best allocations.
A capital levy is attractive to a government that attaches a high discount rate to revenues obtained in the future, or one that expects to be short-lived without the levy.
Crosland on the vote value of the capital levy is clearly confirming, here again, that the British consensus is hostile to the politics of envy, favourable to the ethics of tolerance and peace.
Another option floated by the city is asking voters to approve a capital levy of up to 10 years to cover public improvements related to a hospital development.
It is, in fact, a flat capital levy, without exemptions, in which the poor man pays as high a percentage as the rich man.
The district maintains some operational financial flexibility with capital levy fund reserves that can be used if needed.
While this is above average for a FL school district, it is offset by the district's moderate capital needs and additional financial flexibility from not using any portion of the capital levy for general fund maintenance purposes.
Financial constraints were imposed by a voter referendum in fiscal 2009 that reduced the maximum combined operating and capital levy to the then existing rate, thus reducing future financial flexibility.
Although audited financial results exhibited declines in the past few years in a property tax authorization cycle common to most Ohio school districts, the approval of an operating levy in November 2004 and a capital levy in November 2005 should improve the district's fiscal position for the next several years.
The Positive Outlook reflects improved financial performance achieved despite the periodic need to seek additional voter-approved levies, strong internal funding of the capital program, and reduced reliance on debt given capital levy passage.