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one of the large alphabetic characters used as the first letter in writing or printing proper names and sometimes for emphasis

References in classic literature ?
With another glance at me, and a glance at the door, he rubbed it out and turned an "a" in its place (not a capital letter this time), and said, "What's that?"
Clara read the news which followed the heading in capital letters. Thus it ran:
In our diagram, this is indicated by the broken lines, beneath the capital letters, converging in sub-branches downwards towards a single point; this point representing a single species, the supposed single parent of our several new sub-genera and genera.
Have Shares enough to be on Boards of Direction in capital letters, oscillate on mysterious business between London and Paris, and be great.
In his epistolary communication, as in his dialogues and discourses on the great question to which it related, Mr Dorrit surrounded the subject with flourishes, as writing-masters embellish copy-books and ciphering-books: where the titles of the elementary rules of arithmetic diverge into swans, eagles, griffins, and other calligraphic recreations, and where the capital letters go out of their minds and bodies into ecstasies of pen and ink.
After I had been there about ten or twelve days, it came into my thoughts that I should lose my reckoning of time for want of books, and pen and ink, and should even forget the Sabbath days; but to prevent this, I cut with my knife upon a large post, in capital letters - and making it into a great cross, I set it up on the shore where I first landed - "I came on shore here on the 30th September 1659."
Circle the capital letter that contains the true statement:
The breakdown is as follows: sentences begin with a capital letter (+.16), paragraphs indented (+.06), proper punctuation used throughout essay (+.28), correct spelling throughout (+.18), each paragraph begins a new idea (+.09), each paragraph develops the main idea effectively (+.03), consistent subject/verb agreement throughout essay (+.26), descriptive language used throughout essay (+.09), demonstrates a strong command of the English language (+.03), essay provides a full and effective response to the given prompt (+.35), neat writing (+.17), and overall average (+.14).
And each capital letter is illuminated by one of them in a manner that blends the medieval with the contemporary.
I can accept a capital letter on God because the word is being used as a name and names are generally capitalized.
Australian paleontologists have discovered a fossilized tooth -- about as large as the capital letter starting this sentence -- that promises to overturn long-standing beliefs about the origins of kangaroos, koalas and the other strange marsupials found in the land down under.
For two weeks Daughter's spelled the word "January" perfectly but it's been marked as wrong because she forgot the capital letter. Last week she proudly announced she'd remembered the capital letter - cue much high-fiving and celebration at home.
At points the mistakes came thick and fast, as when the EDL spokesman wrote of "bradford based gangs" without recourse to the necessary capital letter or hyphen.