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one of the large alphabetic characters used as the first letter in writing or printing proper names and sometimes for emphasis

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With another glance at me, and a glance at the door, he rubbed it out and turned an "a" in its place (not a capital letter this time), and said, "What's that?
The breakdown is as follows: sentences begin with a capital letter (+.
I can also accept capital letters on Holy Bible because these words constitute the title of a book and such words are generally capitalized.
and the capital letter is an out-moded concept from the discredited days of cool britannia's empire.
Circle the capital letter that indicates the correct answer:
High Street is the same as any other street/road/avenue and should have capital letters, so can the reporters please do that as it is something I nd very annoying.
Finding no logic in the CISF's decision, the court said, " It is well settled that there is no law which prohibits a person to sign in capital letters.
The manual also advised staff to look out for other indications that a viewer may be unhappy, like the use of capital letters or the phrases, "When will you people listen?
Colonies and trust territories: An area administered by another country under the supervision of the United Nations is shown in italic capital letters.
In England, the London Times repeated the phrase in capital letters the next day with the lead sentence, "The Episcopal Church in America descended into chaos last night after leading bishops on both the liberal and conservative wings disassociated themselves from a last-gasp effort to avert a schism with the worldwide Anglican communion.
LET US NEVER FORGET,'' he began in capital letters.
If the abbreviated web version is anything to go by it is comprehensive--although the editors are addicted to redundant capital letters, tiny type and horrible words like 'gifted' which used to be an adjective but seems to have become a verb, a substitute for the now deeply unfashionable 'to give'.
Her light adolescent voice keeps time with the instant text messaging format, the leaping capital letters, and Mia's rapid train of thought.
In all other cases, such as years, capital letters, numbers, and symbols, simply add s.
The dancer has often referred to the Rex Harrington whose name appears all in capital letters, and the one whose name appears in lower case.