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a tax on capital gains

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These studies generally investigate short windows and test whether capital gains tax incentives affect trading volume and, if so, whether the volume surge is large enough to move prices.
Because a capital gains tax rate reduction increases individual investors' preference for long-term capital gains, these investors bid up the prices of non-dividend-paying stocks that are expected to generate gains through appreciation in value relative to stocks that pay dividends taxed as ordinary income.
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party's powerful tax panel is also interested in lowering the capital gains tax.
Beginning January 1, 2001, the capital gains tax rate is lowered to 18 percent (8 percent for those in the 15 percent bracket) for assets held more than five years.
In the past, the Tax Court has repeatedly held that no reduction in the value of closely-held stock to reflect potential capital gains tax is warranted where a liquidation or a sale of the corporation's assets is purely speculative.
Senate Republicans have reintroduced their capital gains tax cut plan as the $237 billion centerpiece of a $615 billion tax cut proposal over ten years) that also includes expanded I.
This article examines the effects of interaction between phase-out provisions on personal exemptions and itemized deductions included in the 1990 tax act and the nominally reduced maximum capital gains tax rate.
In May 2015, Egypt then decided to halt the capital gains tax for two years following strong objections from investors.
India will have to renegotiate the tax treaty with Singapore to extend the capital gains tax provisions of the recently-concluded tax pact with Mauritius, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said.
British Chancellor George Osborne has refused to confirm or deny whether the government will be slapping foreign property investors with a new capital gains tax.
ISLAMABAD -- The modify Capital Gains Tax (CGT) regime on Stock Exchanges is likely to be implemented during this month following promulgation of the Presidential Ordinance, said an official, requesting anonymity.
Taipei, April 3, 2012 (CENS) -- Christina Liu, minister of finance, pledged yesterday (April 2) to put forth the official version of reformative program for capital gains tax for securities within one month.
For investors holding these assets, future capital gains tax increase, could affect future appreciation.
By declaring their income as "profits" from investments they've been paying 18 per cent capital gains tax instead of 40 per cent income tax for the last couple of years.