capital expenditure

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the cost of long-term improvements

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Item 1 also requires companies to reveal the material estimated capital expenditures for environmental control facilities for the current fiscal year, the succeeding fiscal year and "such further periods as the registrant may deem material.
Corporate Capital Expenditure Study: Modest Growth in 2010 and 2011', addresses the trend of capital expenditure for Fitch's rated U.
Information on capital expenditure by company type, such as national oil companies, integrated and independent companies
In various IRS rulings, cleanup costs have been deemed capital expenditures if they add more value to the property after restoration from a prior contaminated state.
Developing New Discoveries in More Geologically Challenging Regions Will Entail Higher Capital Expenditure
Table 12: E&P Sector, Global, Capital Expenditure ($bn), 2006-2011 23
Information on total capital expenditures also is available from the segment disclosure requirements of FASB Statement no.
1 Revenue Expenditure and Capital Expenditure Percentage Share of the Total Market
The Stable Rating Outlook is based on Fitch's expectation for management to use future cash flow to fund a substantial portion of capital expenditures, mitigate future borrowings and to maintain a conservative balance sheet.
Finally, the taxpayer noted that the expenditures did not relate to new assets or components parts, nor did the expenditures relate to a general rehabilitation plan, all factors normally denoting a capital expenditure.
HOUSTON -- Whittier Energy Corporation (NASDAQ:WHIT) announced today a $39 million capital expenditure budget for 2007.
The ratings also reflect Minerva's highly leveraged capital structure and large future capital expenditure needs, which will pressure credit protection measures despite expected growth.
Preliminary Non-Acquisition Capital Expenditure Budget for 2007 Rises 29 Percent Compared to 2006
Publication information ii Executive summary iii Capital expenditure on smart water networks, 2013 iii Regional forecast iv Market forecast for smart water networks in early adopters, 2011-2018 iv Market forecast for smart water networks by region, 2011-2018 v Benefits of smart water networks vi 1.
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