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the opportunity cost of the funds employed as the result of an investment decision

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Greenland Minerals also recently revealed a 40% reduction in the capital cost estimate for the project - to US$505 million from US$832 million.
'In the current uranium market environment, a key attribute of any uranium development project is the capital cost of development.
Historically, coal and nuclear plants had high capital costs and low marginal costs.
the use of the existing CIL Plant reduces total capital cost requirements
Under the terms of the agreement, MCFN will pay 14.7% of the actual capital cost of the East Tank Farm Development once the assets become operational, which is currently anticipated to be in the second quarter of 2017.
Changes to the project schedule and scope have contributed to a revised capital cost of $15.7 billion, excluding the transfer of Canadian Mainline natural gas assets.
H3--There is a significant relationship between the percentage changes in capital and the percentage changes in capital cost.
Korang Town Federal Employees H/Society, Doctors Cooperative Housing Society Rawalpindi, Accounts Group Officers Cooperative H/Society, Press Club Housing Colony, Anchorage Sihala Capital Cost for 02 No.
Five years ago, the study "Demystifying First Cost Green Building Premiums in Healthcare" was released, showing that the capital cost premium for green healthcare design was 2,4 percent.
Many seemed content when the Millennium Commission, which could have given 50% of the capital cost, declined to support the proposal.
He said the capital cost of small enterprises is 5.75% higher, followed by medium-sized businesses at 5.63 % and big industries at 4.83%.
a capital cost review shall take place for Options 1, 2 & 3.
and the additional capital cost is generally small.
Renaissance Capital remains positive on the near-term outlook for iron ore prices, believes that iron ore producers with growth projects in emerging geographies look increasingly more attractive than their Australian peers, considering their lower capital cost estimates and significant trade discounts.
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