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But before she went to join her husband in the Belgic capital, Mrs.
It does not become us to trace the steps which she took in the conduct of this most difficult negotiation; but, having shown them to their satisfaction that the sum which she was empowered to offer was all her husband's available capital, and having convinced them that Colonel Crawley would prefer a perpetual retirement on the Continent to a residence in this country with his debts unsettled; having proved to them that there was no possibility of money accruing to him from other quarters, and no earthly chance of their getting a larger dividend than that which she was empowered to offer, she brought the Colonel's creditors unanimously to accept her proposals, and purchased with fifteen hundred pounds of ready money more than ten times that amount of debts.
The fact is, he owed more money at London than at Paris; and he preferred the quiet little Belgian city to either of the more noisy capitals.
In fact, our friends may be said to have been among the first of that brood of hardy English adventurers who have subsequently invaded the Continent and swindled in all the capitals of Europe.
The impact on the economy, investment, and living standard of an aging population can be seen in the neoclassical production function, which states that output is a function of capital and labor inputs and technological changes.
P argues that he can use his 2001 capital losses to reduce his 2000 AMTI, because the capital loss limits of Secs.
The concept of human capital worked so well that it was only a matter of time until someone came up with the idea of Social Capital.
PC insurers have developed increasingly sophisticated tools to manage their portfolio of risks and assess the capital they need to run their businesses.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute (TEI), I am writing to voice our concern about a proposed delay in the reduction of the Quebec capital tax burden.
Specific standards were first imposed in 1981, following a period in which already low capital ratios at large U.
The result is that the pulp and paper industry is commonly accepted as the business with the highest capital intensity, as shown in Figure 1.
The importance of size and scale as factors in both access to capital and cost efficiency magnifies the need for market sophistication.
NEW YORK, July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Moody's Investors Service announced that it has assigned a "Aaa" claims-paying rating to Capital Reinsurance Company (Capital Re), a Maryland-domiciled, multi-line reinsurance company that began business in 1988.
LOS ANGELES -- Top capital providers are signing up for The Capital Zone(TM), the one-of-a-kind afternoon session of the Los Angeles Venture Association's annual Investment Capital Conference(SM), coming up on April 11.
Under UPIA Section 104, a power to adjust allows the trustee to transfer amounts between trust income and principal, so that both classes of beneficiaries are allocated reasonable amounts of the total return (including both traditional income and capital appreciation) when a trust invests under the "prudent investor" rule.