capillary tubing

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a tube of small internal diameter

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Manufactured from high-purity synthetic quartz with polyimide protective coating, the capillary tubing is available in standard inner diameters ranging from 2-700 m with outer diameters from 90-850 m.
The microchannel is interfaced to an external pump and capillary tubing using a novel method that we have developed to create a capillary interface using commercially available fittings for the mold.
Ferules are attached to the template to create a mold for an interface to capillary tubing. The IC chips containing the microheating elements are prepared and then bonded to the fluid channels.
The silicon templates were used to mold PDMS films following similar procedures described by Effenhauser [18] and Duffy [4]; however, we developed a method to form an interface for capillary tubing using commercial off-the-shelf capillary tubing hard-ware.
The components, licensed from Sandia National Laboratories, are designed for construction using 360 pm capillary tubing. The series includes basic components such as breadboards, valves, tees and ferrules, as well as refillable [micro]L volume cartridges, Luer Lock connectors to interface with standard syringe pumps, and bonded-port connectors to route fluids through and between microfluidic chips.
Polymicro Technologies manufactures specialty optical fiber, capillary tubing and assemblies.