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benign angioma consisting of a mass of blood vessels

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Hence, 65% of patients underwent radical orchiectomy, while only 35% had a partial orchiectomy after intraoperative frozen section showed capillary hemangioma of the testis.
There is a diffuse and haphazard vascular proliferation without the lobular arrangement frequently seen in the cutaneous forms of capillary hemangioma.
Adjacent to areas resembling juvenile capillary hemangioma were epithelioid endothelial cells in glomeruloid configurations (Figure 2).
The capillary hemangioma is a common vascular tumor of the anterior nasal septum.
Books on Olivia's condition describe capillary hemangioma as "grotesque".
This lesion was thought to fall in the spectrum between glomus tumors and capillary hemangioma and hence the term hemangiopericytoma was chosen.
Case of tumorous capillary hemangioma of the maxillary sinus [in French].
Recently, a vascular-type AVL resembling capillary hemangioma has been reported.
6) Since it is generally accepted that the capillary and small-vessel network in sensory ganglia are precursors of capillary hemangioma, the presence of a large meatal ganglion in 12% of temporal bones may be responsible for the development of facial nerve hemangioma within the internal auditory canal.
Splenic hamartoma and capillary hemangioma are distinct entities: immunohistochemical analysis of CD8 expression by endothelial cells.
The differential diagnosis clinically includes any polypoid mass, while histologically it includes sinonasal tract polyps, lobular capillary hemangioma, and other mesenchymal lesions.
27) The histological differential diagnosis of CHB includes metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma (CRCC), paraganglioma, angiomatous meningioma, (28) and capillary hemangioma.
In the literature, although some controversial findings were reported, (11) most studies were unable to detect HHV-8 DNA in mesenchymal and vascular tumors other than Kaposi sarcoma, including hemangiomas, hemangioendotheliomas, infantile capillary hemangioma, and hemangiosarcoma.
An excisional biopsy of the intranasal mass was obtained, and pathologic examination revealed the specimen to be a benign capillary hemangioma.