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Synonyms for fragility

Synonyms for fragility

Synonyms for fragility

quality of being easily damaged or destroyed

lack of physical strength


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Early histopathology of the cutaneous capillary fragility test (Rumpel-Leede).
Psoriasis is another condition where subungual hyperkeratosis and capillary fragility of the capillaries in the nail bed can occur and referral to a Dermatologist is appropriate.
Reported health benefits of bilberry are primarily in the vascular domain and include treatment of vascular insufficiency, capillary fragility and retinopathy.
However, NSAIDs are to be avoided because of capillary fragility and increased bleeding risk.
Flavonoids consist of ginkgoflavone glycoside which are potent antioxidant that reduce capillary fragility. Terpenoids consist of ginkgolides and bilobalide that inhibit platelet activating factor (PAF) which in consequence reduce the blood viscosity.
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