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a layer of tissue densely packed with capillaries

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While dorsal and caudal cavities own capillary meshes similar to those of principal chambers anterior and inferior cavities reveal a very different capillary bed (Fig.
Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are congenital, fast-flow vascular lesions composed of malformed arterial and venous vessels connected directly to one another without an intervening capillary bed.1 They are more common in brain involving or supplied by intracranial vasculature than those formed by branches of external carotid arteries.2 AVM of scalp is a rare lesion which has its abnormal arteriovenous communication within the subcutaneous fatty layer of scalp with the feeding arteries derived from vessels supplying the scalp.
In conclusion, our study confirmed that abnormalities in the nail fold capillary bed may be seen in children with FMF as previously described in the adult population.
High-resolution scans with 5 [micro]m spatial resolution demonstrated well-characterized vascular microarchitecture within a perfused kidney, with observed vascular filling down to vessels <13 [micro]m in diameter and contrast enhancement of capillary beds (i.e., glomeruli, Figure 5).
The actual cause of the phenomenon of stunning and hibernation is "unknown" in evidence-based medicine, but glucotoxicity of the microcirculation in the corresponding capillary bed of the heart muscle or the vasa vasorum (or microcirculation) of the macrovessel arterial wall may be involved.
Originally, it was thought prolonged ischemia and extensive myocardial damage led to micro-vascular (capillary bed) damage, resulting in incomplete reperfusion3,6 but now other factors have been thought to play a role in the development of no-reflow, specifically distal embolization of the thrombus following balloon inflation.
The smears are usually prepared with blood taken from ear margin capillary bed. In the present case, Doxycycline was used with good results.
In studies in rats, biochemical and cytologic values were compared in blood samples collected from several locations, including the abdominal vena cava, a venous blood source, and the orbital plexus, a capillary bed commonly used to bleed smaller laboratory rodents.
In addition, because the RPALAF bypasses the capillary bed, the lung loses its filtering function, thus allowing emboli and bacteria to pass directly into the systemic circulation.
First, there is an increase in the obstruction of capillary bed with leucocytes by increasing the levels of ICAM-12 or P-selectin.3 The accumulation of leucocytes in coronary capillary bed after coronary perfusion is higher in diabetic animal hearts when compared to non-diabetic animals.4 Leucocyte plugs in capillary bed are among the factors that contribute to the development of no-reow" phenomenon.
These can vary in design from capillary bed platforms to those that incorporate overhead dispensing of reagents and liquid coverslips.
The researchers concluded that local injection, rather than systemic intravenous injection, was preferred because systemic injection caused the hMSCs to be localized in the pulmonary capillary bed.
Besides, there was thickening of interalveolar septae with haemorrhage and congestion of the capillary bed and mononuclear inflammatory cells infiltration both within and in the wall of alveoli (Figure-7).
These emboli reach the pulmonary capillary bed via venous system and brain, due to arterial-venous shunts.