capillary action

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a phenomenon associated with surface tension and resulting in the elevation or depression of liquids in capillaries


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If the surface of a porous material is put in contact with a liquid, the liquid will be absorbed by capillary action. Within a limited range of time and as first approximation, the amount of absorbed water as function of duration of contact time can be expressed by
For channel slope and embankment close to the riverside, capillary action path is shortened as well as the effect of capillary action on the supply of water is accelerated.
While traditional flow-through eyeliner pens can be made to work very well with formulas that have little variance in capillary action, when it comes to formulas with particulates, flow is often sporadic, leading to a disappointing end user experience.
The liquid then returns to the hot interface through either capillary action or gravity action where it evaporates once more and repeats the cycle.
Caption: UNICEF will be field testing DipTreat, which uses the capillary action of blotting paper treated with Moringa oleifera to attract and then kill E.
In this study, the sampling was carried out by a fast-dipping method based on a capillary action. More specifically, the capillary needle filled with a buffer solution (50 mM phosphate) was sequentially dipped into perfluorodecalin and sample solutions in order to make a sample segment inside a needle (Figure S2).
Rising damp is the upward movement of moisture through permeable materials by capillary action [2].
Whereas, in Pre-monsoon seasons of 2012 and 2013 most of the sites in study area remained uncultivated due to capillary action of shallow saline groundwater, high evapotranspiration, shortage of canal water, tidal flooding and seawater intrusion.
Although a material with larger pores absorbs water more rapidly, the height of the capillary action is lower.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A team of researchers demonstrated a proof-of-concept three-dimensional paper-based microbial fuel cell (MFC) that could take advantage of capillary action to guide the liquids through the MFC system and to eliminate the need for external power.
Explain that this happens because of a phenomenon called capillary action. That's the ability of narrow spaces to draw liquid upward against the force of gravity.
The formula flows through a pointed felt tip thanks to capillary action. It's similar to a marker we use in school.
The chemical moves, by capillary action, along a white paper strip underneath the barcode.
In order to ensure the transport of liquid via the microfluidic channel into the "waste reservoir"--the collecting vessel for the reaction fluids--by capillary action, the cross-section of the reaction channel has to be reproducibly identical.