capillary action

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a phenomenon associated with surface tension and resulting in the elevation or depression of liquids in capillaries


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Heat source orientation and gravity have less effect on sintered powder metal heat pipes due to the fact that the sintered powder metal wick has the strongest capillary action
Caption: UNICEF will be field testing DipTreat, which uses the capillary action of blotting paper treated with Moringa oleifera to attract and then kill E.
A close up of a moisture wicking fabric showing the pores for capillary action.
In order to ensure the transport of liquid via the microfluidic channel into the "waste reservoir"--the collecting vessel for the reaction fluids--by capillary action, the cross-section of the reaction channel has to be reproducibly identical.
In simple terms, rising damp is the upward movement of moisture through walls and sometimes floors by capillary action from below ground.
The meeting observed that had WAPDA been consulted prior to construction of the dual carriage way leading to Kotli, it would have recommended special measures in view of the possible capillary action by Mangla reservoir.
Condensed liquid flows along internal structures by means of wicking or capillary action through narrow pathways and sintered metal guides.
Heat transfer using a loop heat pipe is based on the same sort of capillary action that absorbs water in fibers, sponges, and plants.
Blood is collected via capillary action into the collection capillary of the Minivette POCT.
Place a drop of blood, urine or saliva on the strip and the paper's capillary action wicks it along to react with the proteins, producing color changes that give health care workers quick, unambiguous and reliable information about their patients.
The method employs taking the Known number of beads in micro-capillary through capillary action and packing them with the help of centrifugal force to make reference scale.
The test process is simple: the user pricks his/her finger with the lancet, the capillary action in the small test tube collects the precise amount of blood required for the test, and then the arm is flipped over to deposit the collection onto the test strip.
The thermoplastic core needed to be compatible with the epoxy primer resin, flow via capillary action, form a film resistant to corrosive materials, dry in a reasonable time period and be stable after encapsulation.
Capillary action and surface tension of liquids, amphiphilic surfactants, and monolayer lipid films are discussed, followed by parameters of adsorption and desorption at solid surfaces and wetting/cleaning processes.