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a phenomenon associated with surface tension and resulting in the elevation or depression of liquids in capillaries

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g] Low capillarity and water Higher capillarity and water absorption absorption Densely packed with low Sponge-like and malleable for pliability for molding shape-forming Tended to disintegrate when Remained intact when immersed immersed in water in water Requires specialized Requires only simple apparatus apparatus
Other points, with respect to the axis I, relate to low-skilled teams, inadequate infrastructure, and the centralization of decision-making, forming a vicious cycle that disrupts the capillarity of the concepts and content, weakening the process of institutionalization of M&A.
Values for the parameters of the bimodal water retention curves (Eqn 1) estimated for the different samplings dates, soils tillage treatments (conventional tillage, CT; reduced tillage, RT; no tillage, NT) and soil-wetting processes (waterlogging, WP; capillarity rise, CRP), and coefficient of determination ([R.
As porous material, peat has capillarity to maintain wetness peat at surface using water table underground during prolonged dry period.
One can also verify that the energy loss is dominated by the action of adhesion and capillarity forces, because the larger area between both curves is in the attractive region.
Note that this modified Landau-Levich relationship is valid only for a small capillary number flow, because the model assumed that the flow is almost rectilinear near the meniscus which requires stronger capillarity than viscous stress.
In fact, the water movement has an important role in the accumulation of salt in the soil surface layer due to evaporation in the capillarity tubes.
The second volume addresses the process fundamentals, including capillarity and shape stability analysis; transport processes like diffusion, buoyancy-driven convection, surface-tension, driven convection, and forced convection; segregation phenomena; strategies for the automatic control of crystal growth from melt; defect generation in growing crystals; fundamental and methodical consequences of bulk growth from solutions; crystallization mechanisms of high critical temperature superconductors; the mechanisms of protein crystal growth from gels; and mass crystallization.
Many capillary interstices are also present in the log, allowing the dye solution to permeate easily into the log by capillarity and diffusion.
Several parameters, such as tensile strength, breaking strength, elasticity, capillarity and memory are used to describe physical characteristic of sutures.
But only online stores, with their capillarity and wide distribution, can guarantee everyone the opportunity to discover and taste the best products from Italy at affordable prices.
The water is higher in the thin tube, contra dicting the principle of communicating vessels, which says that the water levels should be the same, independent of the size of the vessels, a graphic manifestation of capillarity.
The capillarity exercise methodology was investigated by registering temperature changes in hand's fingers before and after the exercise.
Secondly, Proximus, with the deployment of their VDSL network, and Telenet, with the upgrade of their HFC network, have increased the capillarity of their fiber network.
They use capillary tubes as heat exchanger emulates the building as a living body, cooling by capillarity.