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a phenomenon associated with surface tension and resulting in the elevation or depression of liquids in capillaries

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The mass-transport of a liquid through a material depends on the physiochemical properties of the material, such as solubility toward the liquid, porosity, capillarity and polymer swelling, as well as the physiochemical properties of the liquid (such as molecular weight, p[K.
It has been reported to increase soil bulk density, water porosity and reduced soil capillarity, aeration and water holding capacity (10), reduce biomass accumulation in Telfairia occidentalis,a major vegetable crop cultivated in Nigeria (11).
They use capillary tubes as heat exchanger emulates the building as a living body, cooling by capillarity.
Because the fibers are wet and under mechanical compression, they create an effective seal with the suction point that helps prevent the entrance of air bubbles, forcing the movement of the liquid by capillarity.
The Karsten tube test (D-H1), a liquid water permeability test, is recommended for 7% of the anomalies identified, since it is directly linked to some causes of anomalies, namely C-A4--Absorption and capillarity damp and C-H8--Splattering at the bottom of the walls.
Numerical demonstration of surfactant concentration-dependent capillarity and viscosity effects on infiltration from a constant flux line source", Journal of hydrology, 329: 63-74.
de Angelis added, Personal hopes to continue bolstering the capacity and capillarity of the 3G network to optimize the use of the existing spectrum.
In the case of a fresco, the capillarity water brings salts from the ground and attracts the salts in the plastering, which it brings to the surface, where they are crystallized when they dry, bombing the entire area.
Nigaard is a well-known organization with an important capillarity in Northern Europe and its acquisition is an important step forward to speed up the commercialization of Xadago, for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease, and the development of Promixin, our inhaled antibiotic for bronchial infections in Cystic Fibrosis.
Many capillary interstices are also present in the log, allowing the dye solution to permeate easily into the log by capillarity and diffusion.
But only online stores, with their capillarity and wide distribution, can guarantee everyone the opportunity to discover and taste the best products from Italy at affordable prices.
The capillarity exercise methodology was investigated by registering temperature changes in hand's fingers before and after the exercise.
Secondly, Proximus, with the deployment of their VDSL network, and Telenet, with the upgrade of their HFC network, have increased the capillarity of their fiber network.
After drying, samples were impregnated by capillarity (Murphy 1986) with an unsaturated polyester resin (Arazyn1.
Telconet is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, with a solid platform of fiber infrastructure with a high level of capillarity that has enabled us to develop businesses along with the other companies that belong to Grupo Empresarial Telconet, as well as with its business partners.