arrest warrant

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a warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to apprehend an offender and bring that person to court

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Constable Michael Skrobarcek states, "The system allows us a means to identify vehicles associated with capias warrants here in the County.
The titles are Too Clever by Half and Captain Macdonald; or, Haps and Mishaps at Capias Castle.
CAPS Ruby Capias, CAM, CAPS Capstone RE Services Lubbock, Texas Heather Sizemore, CAPS Campus Apts.
Admitted to practice: 1979) Monaco received a public reprimand in Massachusetts after altering a capias, resulting in its being served on the wrong person.
The writs that the deputy marshal served were writs of capias ad respondendum.
On Friday last I was served at my farm [Tow-weery] with a Capias to bring me into Court the following day--I obeyed the hasty summons .
11) The order can be issued like a summons or a capias.