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a warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to apprehend an offender and bring that person to court

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What chiefly makes the study of history wholesome and profitable is this, that you behold the lessons of every kind of experience set forth as on a conspicuous monument; from these you may choose for yourself and for your own state what to imitate, from these mark for avoidance what is shameful in the conception and shameful in the result [Hoc illud est praecipue in cognitione rerum salubre ac frugiferum, omnis te exempli documenta in inlustriposita monumento intueri; inde tibi tuaeque reipublicae quod imitere capias, inde foedum inceptu, foedum exitu, quod vites] (Livy, Praef.
Like the constables, the sheriff's deputies who work for the civil process division deliver court documents and make civil arrests under the so-called "capias" process.
2011) (lawyer disbarred after engaging in an elaborate series of misrepresentations to his client, stealing money, and neglecting matters causing a capias to be issued for his client's arrest).
(...) reposta/In peris capias munuscula pama precamur./lonas--Hue puer.
On an indictment for felony or treason, a capias [arrest warrant] is always the first process.").
The titles are Too Clever by Half and Captain Macdonald; or, Haps and Mishaps at Capias Castle.
Tiene multiples aplicaciones culinarias: se utilizan para elaborar la chicha; los cariopsis maduros hervidos constituyen el mote que se usa para preparar guisos, picantes y tamales; con su harina se hacen bizcochos llamados capias (Parodi, 1959; Abiusso & Camara Hernandez, 1974).
CAPS Ruby Capias, CAM, CAPS Capstone RE Services Lubbock, Texas Heather Sizemore, CAPS Campus Apts.
Una lista de comidas tradicionales compuesta a partir de la informacion suministrada por los pobladores actuales de la Quebrada incluye platos tales como guiso de quinoa, chanfaina, cabeza guateada, guiso de papa lisa, carapulcra, picante de pollo, de mondongo, asado, pastel de choclo, chilcan, tijtincha, anchi, sopa majada, capias, guaschalocro, locro, humitas, tamales y empanadas (descripciones en Elichondo, 1997; Camara Hernandez et al., 2007).
Capias: An arrest warrant ordering the police to take a person into custody because he or she refuses to show up to court.
(Admitted to practice: 1979) Monaco received a public reprimand in Massachusetts after altering a capias, resulting in its being served on the wrong person.
The writs that the deputy marshal served were writs of capias ad respondendum.
10: Hoc illud est praecipue in cognitione rerum salubre ac frugiferum, omnis te exempli documenta in inlustri posita monumento intueri; inde tibi tuaeque rei publicae quod imitere capias, inde foedum inceptu foedum exitu quod vites (This is what is chiefly healthful and fruitful in investigating things: you look at the lessons of every example as if placed on a distinguished monument, from there you grasp what to imitate for yourself and your state, from there what you should shun as foully begun and foully done).
On Friday last I was served at my farm [Tow-weery] with a Capias to bring me into Court the following day--I obeyed the hasty summons ...
were alloted $500 for their respective plays Capias and [Upside down question mark]Adroit Enough?