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the quantity that a cap will hold

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I dissolved one capful in a bucket of hot water and my tiles were looking pretty shiny afterwards.
To add the flavor, users measure out a capful and pour it into the bottle, then gently shake the bottle.
I'm convinced that alcohol is a great flavouring agent, and have taken to splashing a capful or two of rum onto any chocolate cake I bake, or whipping it into the cream used in a chocolate mousse.
Add a capful of bleach to the water to keep nasty microbes at bay, then seal the top.
Because Davey attempted to put more than one capful of detergent into the washer, the step of putting the detergent into the washer was scored as incorrect.
5 tbs No N/A 3 Dealers 1/2 tsp Yes Have had powder, unsafe sex 1-2 tsp on GHB liquid 4 Friend Unknown No N/A 5 Friend 2-4 cc No N/A 6 Friend 1/2 vial Yes Same 7 Sex partner Unknown Yes Same 8 Father of 1 tsp to Yes Don't know girlfriend 1 Tbs 9 Dealer Varied-- Yes Less in clubs different or local bottles had dealer different effects 10 Friend's 1/2 capful No N/A gnest 11 Dealers 2-3 capfuls Yes Same 12 Friend 2-3 tsp Yes Less 13 Dealer 2-3 capfuls Yes Less 14 Friend 2 oz Yes Was not safe when used GHB 15 Friends 2-3 glass Yes Same vials 16 Internet, 2-3 grams Yes Less * health food stores in the past 17 Friend 1 Tbs No N/A N/A = Not Applicable * "I wouldn't haue unsafe sex, but I passed out during sex and the other person was not using a condom.
Draw a hot bath and pour in a capful of your favorite body wash and/or a capful of your favorite essential oil blend.
You put a capful in the bath and it's a magic liquid that makes your thighs feel smooth.
Whether it's substituting a spritz of glass cleaner (43%) for all-purpose cleaner or a capful of dishwashing liquid (38%) for laundry detergent, consumers tend to trust their favorites to pull double duty when their supply of other items runs low.
Fill a plastic bucket with warm water and a capful of bleach.
Consumers simply pour a capful into their toilets to create a thick foam that rises to the rim, coating the entire bowl.
TO KEEP the water in your flower vases crystal clear pop in a capful of clear toilet bleach
Features: spa-water clarifier is designed to clear cloudy water by removing small suspended particles that filters are unable to capture; highly concentrated formula requires only one capful per week and is not pH sensitive, according to manufacturer