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Synonyms for cape

Synonyms for cape

a strip of land projecting into a body of water

a sleeveless garment like a cloak but shorter

References in classic literature ?
"But see!" said Maria Valenzuela, as the bull charged bravely and the capador eluded it with a fling of his cape. "It requires skill so to avoid the beast."
She's going to spend the summer at Cape Pleasant, Archie tells me.'
There was a kind of quiver in the poor old chap's voice when he said: "She is coming to Cape Pleasant," which told me more than any words could have done.
Gossett was an unpopular subject with members of the Cape Pleasant Golf Club.
The early stages of the Cape Pleasant golf tournament need no detailed description.
Margaret had arrived at Cape Pleasant on the previous evening, and he had arranged by telephone to meet her at the end of the board-walk, which was about a mile from the links, at one o'clock, supply her with lunch, and spend the afternoon with her on the water.
No such long ball had been driven on the Cape Pleasant links since their foundation.
Jago in the Cape de Verd Islands, I remember having seen in a ravine a retired corner covered with bones of the goat; we at the time exclaimed that it was the burial ground of all the goats in the island.
Seventies bourgeois nostalgia was a big theme for Hedi Slimane's second collection for Celine and we adore his classic wool cape creation.
In check or block prints and with fringed or faux fur trims, these capes can be dressed up for evening, or thrown over jeans and boots on a chilly day.
Catch more of the Millennium Falcon and Lando's capes when 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' opens in theater on May 23.
Mums are being warned three children have already been hurt while wearing the capes which pose a "risk of strangulation and neck injuries".
Gather your students and discuss what capes are, how they are worn, and who wears them.