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large black Old World grouse

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Foresters plant too many trees in bare areas, subsequently destroying the natural habitat of western capercaillie (or wood grouse, Tetrao urogallus).
The release of birds reared in captivity is the most common method in attempts to re-establish extinct populations of capercaillies (Klaus 1998, Seiler et al.
In the early 1960s, the population of capercaillies in the Lower Silesia Forest was the largest in Poland, estimated at 360 birds (Bula 1969), but by 2009 only two birds remained (Merta et al.
From frogs and baby birds to capercaillies & roe deer, the golden eagle is deadly
Objectives: This LIFE Nature project will focus on maintaining favourable habitats and re-establishing the tranquillity necessary for the survival and development of the capercaillie, the most emblematic species of the Vosges forests and their biodiversity.
Raising the awareness of tourists and the general public as to the menaces facing the Vosges capercaillie.
I don't think it would encourage people to go out hunting capercaillies.
Wildlife experts warned anyone caught trying the recipe for roast capercaillie faces a pounds 5000 fine.
The capercaillie will be given maximum legal protection under legislation proposed by Scotland's Environment Minister, Sam Galbraith.
Meanwhile, a proposed housing development of 48 homes on woodland threatens capercaillie habitat in Nethy Bridge, near Aviemore, according to local conservationists.
Stourport began with an 11-4 defeat of Firebrands, having competed strongly against Capercaillies Saturday, losing 8-6 after on against Caper having performed below par in the 5-2 defeat by Beeston.
For example, especially aggressive capercaillie Tetrao urogallus males that approach and attack humans are referred to as 'mad cocks' in European languages (Klaus et al.
DEDICATED Wildlife lovers Andy and Lindsay CUTE This squirrel was snapped after a long wait in Rothiemurchus STANDOUT A ptarmigan seen on a cold, crisp winter day in Cairngorms National Park STRIKING Capercaillie and a red stag are among their best shots SEAL AWAY A grey seal seen at Burghead Harbour on the Moray coast ON THE HOOF This feral goat was seen in the Monadhliath mountains in Inverness-shire FACE OFF A bottlenose dolphin off Fortrose, and a red grouse seen near Tomatin OTT AND COLD This beautiful otter was snapped by the Howards on the Isle of Mull FURBALL White hare which was spied in the northern corries in Cairngorms National Park
They're also hoping for a fine summer, as capercaillies need warm, dry weather to breed.
Senior RSPB warden Desmond Durgan said: "The capercaillie is in big trouble and the birds need all the help that they can get to reproduce.