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large black Old World grouse

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With Capercaillie, who were described by Billboard as "the most exciting and vibrant band" in Celtic music, she sold more than a million albums and performed in more than 30 countries.
With no natural predators, pine martens were "out of control" and stealing capercaillie eggs, said Dr O'Donoghue.
The population of the black-billed capercaillie appears to have suffered a decline of more than 50% (based on occurrence points) in the decade from 2000 in Northeast China compared to their distribution figures in the 1950s.
Part 2 of the contract: Environmental activities related to the restitution of capercaillie in Bory Lower Silesia, in being on the board of superintendence Wegliniec including: 1) the action C.
Pleaded guilty to entering Capercaillie Lodge, in Anitsford, as a trespasser and stealing a pedal bike, worth PS350, on August 21.
The bird the capercaillie is sometimes known as what?
Scottish folk group Capercaillie and Irish singer Maranna McCloskey will close the entertainment on Sunday.
New Brighton CAPERCAILLIE at the Floral Pavilion Theatre today at 7.
THE Great Gatsby movie remake starring Leonardo de Caprio has its UK release this summer, and we're giving you the chance to download the ~ ebook free, thanks to Capercaillie Books.
In 1996 he contributed four songs to the solo album of Capercaillie vocalist Karen Matheson, including the title track The Dreaming Sea.
A master of flutes, whistles and Uillean pipes, he is a founding member of Flook and Lunasa and a current member of the group Capercaillie.
Top 10 at risk list: 1: Red-necked phalarope 2: Black-tailed godwit 3: Scottish wildcat 4: Capercaillie 5: Cuckoo 6: Red squirrel 7: Turtle dove 8: Natterjack toad 9: Brown hare 10: Hedgehog
Washington, Jan 12 (ANI): The growth of winter tourism in the mountain ranges of central Europe could be threatening indigenous bird species, including the Capercaillie.
Other mammals which can cause problems in the countryside range from muntjac deer to the red-necked wallaby, which could do potential damage to capercaillie on Loch Lomond island, the study from the Peoples' Trust for Endangered Species said.