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very small northern fish

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Mots cles: Arctique, Alaska, mer des Tchouktches, sublittoral, morue polaire, capelan, senne de plage, chalut de fond
Hundreds of fingernail clippings were used to create a collage by Uruguayan artist Carlos Capelan in 2004.
On a assiste, au cours de cette periode, a une baisse de la frequence de la morue polaire, du chabot et des zoarcides benthiques, et a une augmentation de celle du capelan et du lancon.
The complex conceptual installation of Carlos Capelan, Mapas y Paisajes (Maps and landscapes, 1992) combined books, bottles, images on walls, lamps, and other elements in a roomsized environment that looked, as Weiss remarks in the catalogue, like a site where a ritual has lately been performed, and which involves a generalized meditation on the potential remapping of boundaries.
The Baltic has hosted several controversial artists including Spencer Tunick who lined up 1,700 naked people on the Quayside and shot pictures of them and Uruguayan Carlos Capelan, who showed his nail clippings.
La morue polaire, le capelan et les liparis etaient les poissons marins qu'on retrouvait en plus grandes quantites dans les prises, tandis que le cisco arctique etait la seule espece d'eau douce diadrome qu'on retrouvait en abondance.
In 2003, Angel artist Antony Gormley persuaded 285 people to be caked in plaster to make full-scale models of themselves and in 2004 Uruguayan Carlos Capelan showed his nail clippings.
Le poisson, en particulier la morue polaire (Boreogadus saida), mais aussi le capelan (Mallotus villosus), etait la proie principale trouvee chez 16 marmettes et 3 mouettes tridactyles (Rissa tridactyla) prelevees dans ces concentrations.
Uruguayan Carlos Capelan showcased a selection of his fingernail cuttings in the name of art.