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Synonyms for caparison

stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorse

References in classic literature ?
"Egad, master," said Sancho, "if we have no other proof of our case than what your worship puts forward, Mambrino's helmet is just as much a basin as this good fellow's caparison is a pack-saddle."
A gorgeous, barbaric procession of painted warriors in jewel-studded harness and waving feathers; vicious, squealing thoats caparisoned in rich trappings; far above their heads the long lances of their riders bore fluttering pennons; foot-soldiers swinging easily along the stone pavement, their sandals of zitidar hide giving forth no sound; and at the rear of each utan a train of painted chariots, drawn by mammoth zitidars, carrying the equipment of the company to which they were attached.
At this spot were gathered some half dozen horses, caparisoned in a manner which showed that two, at least, were destined to bear the persons of females, of a rank that it was not usual to meet so far in the wilds of the country.
"But there weren't any horses to it." I added this saving clause, in the moment of rejecting four richly caparisoned coursers which I had had wild thoughts of harnessing.
By his side stood his horse, also caparisoned in rich armor.
A very broad, gaily caparisoned divan, some twelve or fourteen feet long, extended across one side of each room, and opposite were single beds with spring mattresses.
Among the attractions were 10 elephants made of fibreglass and as high as 11 feet decked with caparisons and other accessories including ornamental fans made of peacock feathers, 200 umbrellas colourfully decorated, the famous 'kudamattom' (ceremonial exchange of umbrellas) and digital fireworks.
I know of a treasure chest in the castle containing the table service of the Horeszko family along with all manner of rings, necklaces, bracelets, rich plumes, caparisons, and prodigious swords.
The number, arrangement, and other characteristics of the charges also came to be fixed, in such a way as to make the whole design both completely distinctive and easy to recognize from a distance when displayed prominently on shields, flags, and horse trappings (caparisons).
They, like Antonio, the dramatists perhaps suggest, may 'Keep [their] caparisons, [they're] aptly clad' (4.3.140).
Mussel every night when the bonfires howl and birds do not fly overhead Mussel because this mounting is sweeter than a cardinal's melody At the hour of the Holy of Holies the delights of the fingertips Are dissolved in the mouth The music crawls With the strength of caparisons Mussel clean and oblong secretly opening Its aroma of sandalwood its sweetness Of lemonade Clayton Eshleman's translation of poem 6, sterling as it is, cannot quite capture the dense aurality at work in Mazzotti's original.
The flag hoisting ceremony popularly known as 'Kodiyetam' was a flamboyant visual treat with the presence of male elephants adorned by golden caparisons on their trunks and Kerala's traditional drummers who enthralled the audience to the beats of the drum roll performance known as 'Chenda Melam'.
And the 18-year-old is eager to forge his own reputation as a Gunners legend after his stellar display in the 7-0 victory over Slavia Prague invited caparisons with the Frenchman.
And the 18-year-old is eager to forge his own reputation as a Gunners legend after his stellar display against Slavia Prague invited caparisons with the Frenchman.