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Synonyms for caparison

stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorse

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Mussel every night when the bonfires howl and birds do not fly overhead Mussel because this mounting is sweeter than a cardinal's melody At the hour of the Holy of Holies the delights of the fingertips Are dissolved in the mouth The music crawls With the strength of caparisons Mussel clean and oblong secretly opening Its aroma of sandalwood its sweetness Of lemonade
When the Sun goes out in an interregnum with the Moon In broad daylight and seaweed and caparisons sing And the flesh of the ocean rests from its knives It's the hour in which fish swallow their own anxiety Throbbing in Chaos Moon of Scorpio on the lance point The slope of the wave rises Raises up its foaming hand intending to touch them
The flag hoisting ceremony popularly known as 'Kodiyetam' was a flamboyant visual treat with the presence of male elephants adorned by golden caparisons on their trunks and Kerala's traditional drummers who enthralled the audience to the beats of the drum roll performance known as 'Chenda Melam'.
And the 18-year-old is eager to forge his own reputation as a Gunners legend after his stellar display in the 7-0 victory over Slavia Prague invited caparisons with the Frenchman.
And the 18-year-old is eager to forge his own reputation as a Gunners legend after his stellar display against Slavia Prague invited caparisons with the Frenchman.
Formalin-fixed tissues were also stained with Periodic Acid Schiff(PAS) and Gomori's Trichrome for histochemical caparisons of the two species of metacestodes.
The older elephants wear bright caparisons, and many are adorned with brass neck bells or colorful silk pieces hanging from their ears.
Using multiple backup systems instead of a single scalable system resulted in less efficient capacity optimization because deduplication caparisons are only performed within each system.
And so, my dear Assessor, please accept these caparisons as a token of my regard for you.
Additional corroboration of the French style of the embroidery--both on the King's Bed and on the suit--derives from its close similarity with that of the horse caparisons and saddles given by Louis XIV to Charles XI of Sweden in 1673.