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Synonyms for caparison

stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorse

References in classic literature ?
"Egad, master," said Sancho, "if we have no other proof of our case than what your worship puts forward, Mambrino's helmet is just as much a basin as this good fellow's caparison is a pack-saddle."
A gorgeous, barbaric procession of painted warriors in jewel-studded harness and waving feathers; vicious, squealing thoats caparisoned in rich trappings; far above their heads the long lances of their riders bore fluttering pennons; foot-soldiers swinging easily along the stone pavement, their sandals of zitidar hide giving forth no sound; and at the rear of each utan a train of painted chariots, drawn by mammoth zitidars, carrying the equipment of the company to which they were attached.
At this spot were gathered some half dozen horses, caparisoned in a manner which showed that two, at least, were destined to bear the persons of females, of a rank that it was not usual to meet so far in the wilds of the country.
"But there weren't any horses to it." I added this saving clause, in the moment of rejecting four richly caparisoned coursers which I had had wild thoughts of harnessing.
By his side stood his horse, also caparisoned in rich armor.
A very broad, gaily caparisoned divan, some twelve or fourteen feet long, extended across one side of each room, and opposite were single beds with spring mattresses.
However, there will be five life-sized elephant statues with decorated caparison in the background when 75 percussion artists from Kerala perform the traditional drum concert, said the organisers who call themselves "Mmade Thrissur Gadees."
Wearing curved horns attached to a woven rope net that covered his torso, the imposing beast sat on his steed, which was draped with a red caparison, and surveyed the area.
Caparison my horse" (5.6.19); "His horse is slain, and all on foot he fights" (5.7.4).
conducted sentiment analysis of Koran eWOM using machine learning models and see usability through performance caparison. The paper "Comparing Machine Learning Classifiers for Movie WOM Opinion Mining" provided the process of machine learning approach for sentiment analysis from NLP of unstructured text data to algorithm validation.
Indeed, Titus Lartius's anticipation of Cominius's equestrian gift echoes Volumnia's conception of warriors as capital held and used by the commonwealth: "Here is the steed, we the caparison," Lartius announces, referring to Coriolanus as the creature of greatest value among the rest of the army, which has become his mere material trappings (1.9.12).
CT scan of liposarcoma usually shows well-circumscribed lobulated mass with multiple septations and variable contrast enhancement and on caparison with MRI found that CT scan is superior for evaluating of cortical bone erosion and tumor mineralization.
All of the students added a "caparison," which is a decorative coveting or cloth mainly used for parades and ceremonies.