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Table 21: US Power Generation Capacity by Energy Source
The energy industry in the United States and much of the world today lacks the capacity to transform raw energy supplies into the product volumes needed and demanded by consumers.
Excess capacity in 2000 and 2001, combined with declining demand and an economic downturn, made any price increases impossible.
The team then measured the number of BPDE-DNA adducts to determine the extent of DNA damage and repair capacity.
Library capacity is calculated by multiplying the specified media count times the specified capacity per media unit based on the selected recording format.
According to the Annual Capacity Survey by the American Forest & Paper Association, Washington, U.
They are endlessly elusive for firms that over invest in capacity expansion and/or plant modernization.
By operationalizing such legal concepts as "unable to care for self or property" and "unable to make or communicate decisions", this article supports functional assessments that will ultimately provide a more informed, specific, and individualized recommendation to the court regarding a person's decision making capacity.
Because of the rapid fall in the relative price of computers and peripheral equipment, that periodic updating of weights is too infrequent to provide reliable estimates of current changes in output, capacity, and capacity utilization.
Nashua, NH 03061 (603) 883-5576 Equipment: #3A mixer, S80 mixer, #11 mixer, six mills (60' to 84") Mixing capabilities: Most elastomers except silicone Capacity.
As a supply reference tool, the report contains Growell's comprehensive capacity investigations and forecasts.
New SDLT 600 tape drive technology has imposed new capacity and performance demands on media manufacturing processes.
Over the past decade, a number of national research and international aid organizations have begun exploring diverse methods to help developing countries build the research capacity to deal with their own environmental problems.
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