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Pollack, "Treatment of sciatic denervation disuse osteoporosis in the rat tibia with capacitively coupled electrical stimulation.
A research report stated that when using DC capacitively coupled electric field, max expression of inducible BMPs always occurred after 24 h of stimulation [17].
Dalton, "Characterization of neutral species densities in dual frequency capacitively coupled photoresist ash plasmas by optical emission actinometry," Journal of Applied Physics, vol.
However, for the Johnson noise circuit, the parallel capacitance of the cable and amplifier for channel 2 also capacitively loads channel 1 (and vice versa).
Electrodes could be sorted to several different variations for capacitively coupled.
The use of C4D (Capacitively Coupled Contactless Conductivity Detection) method in CE was started by the work of Gas et al.
Every conductor in the operating room is in danger of the electricity which flows in the wrong direction because it can become capacitively coupled with the electricity which comes from the active electrode.
Multi-elements analysis of whole blood using a capacitively coupled microwave plasma atomic emmision spectroscopy.
After diagnosis confirmation the athlete underwent a 30-day course of capacitively coupled bone stimulation (Osteobit, Igea SpA, Carpi, Italy) for 8 consecutive hours per night.
The VTEP sensor, which capacitively picks up stimulus signals, is placed on the component to be tested (e.g., a connector).
Misran, "Design of a compact ultrawideband metamaterial antenna based on the modified split-ring resonator and capacitively loaded strips unit cell," Progress in Electromagnetics Research, vol.
For ECG monitoring, noncontact sensors based on capacitively coupled principle and embedded in furniture, clothing, or wearable accessories provide an avenue for unobtrusive sensing of ECG [125].
[16, 18, 20, 21] have shown a record of high passivation quality on highly doped wafers using direct capacitively coupled plasma (CCP).
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