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do Lago, "A compact and high-resolution version of a capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detector", Electrophoresis, vol.
The PPDEAEMA thin films were deposited on top of glass substrate at room temperature using a cylindrical-type capacitively coupled glow discharge system consisting of two stainless steel parallel plate electrodes of diameter and thickness 0.
1985) Fracture healing in the rabbit fibula when subjected to various capacitively coupled electrical fields Journal of Orthopaedic Research 3, 331-340.
Fu, "Broadband capacitively coupled stacked patch antenna for GNSS applications," IEEE Antennas Wirel.
By adjusting the dimension of the modified capacitively loaded loop (CLL) resonator located beside the feed line, triple notched bands of the antenna can be achieved easily.
This implies that the voltage-driven emissions can be significantly large when the signal trace capacitively couples to other large conductive object, such as heat sink.
The topics include observing the magnetic Compton profile of the interface-controlled cobalt/palladium multilayer, adsorption and sensitizing properties of azobenzenes having different numbers of silhyl-anchor groups in dye-sensitized solar cells, random-access multilevel storage in phase change memory by staircase-like pulse programming, a simulator to apply a shear wave velocity measurement system to arbitrary tissue elasticity distribution, the model feedback control system for a class of non-minimum phase systems, and a dicode signaling scheme for capacitively coupled interfaces.
Sazonova also did not think it was clear why there is "a time-varying electric field in a [nanotube] due to mechanical vibrations"--"if it is capacitively induced, then why will the signal be much larger than the parasitic signal?
Generally, it's the edges of the switch control gate that feed through capacitively and add to the actual RF being switched.
The present study was carried out to determine the efficacy of repeated (2 h/day for 60 days) capacitively coupled electric field (10 V peak-to-peak, 16 Hz modulated output frequency) on histological changes in bones of bilateral ovariectomized rats, a reliable model for postmenopausal osteoporosis.
In order to better resolve the root-zone variability associated with changes in soil texture with depth a capacitively coupled resistivity meter (Kuras et al.
Much as a transformer uses an electromagnetic coupling between coils to transmit power across an insulator, a pair of capacitively coupled electrodes can be used to carry energy across a nonconducting gap.
When a motor is fed with waveforms containing a CMV component, that voltage is capacitively coupled to the rotating assembly.
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